Volunteers required for research into prioritising what is most important in liver care.


Would you like to help prioritise what’s important for researchers to study for non-alcohol-related liver disease and gallbladder disease?

British Liver Trust is working with the James Lind Alliance, and we have established 48 potential research questions around the diagnosis, prevention, care and treatment of these diseases.

Now we are looking for volunteers to help prioritise these research questions in order of importance. You will be asked to score and rank the research questions in an Excel spreadsheet over several rounds taking 3-6 months.

You will be given full instructions at each stage. Please contact Kurinchi (k.gurusamy@ucl.ac.uk) if you are interested in helping. We are looking for people both with and people without experience of liver disease.

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  • Done.

    I am more than happy to participate in any research that can help us all

    Rita x

  • Thanks so much Rita :)

  • I loved your reply it is so proper as mine looked like a kid sent it well I'm not only talking to myself but laughing at me self well no one else listens .hope u ok .

  • Hi

    Slightly confused just thought I'd break the nobody listens problem.

    Hope you're ok too


  • I do .

  • I want to do this if it's gonna help in anyway

  • Thankyou Faithfull.

  • Done, me too Rita

  • Thankyou!

  • I've emailed too. Am at early stage, Cirrhosis diagnosed from fibroscan results and blood tests due to Amiodarone toxicity. I have liver biopsy booked. Would be interested to take part.

  • Thank you Ange. Best of luck with your upcoming tests.

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