Countdown to lift off *

best wishes to all and hoping your weekend was a decent one.

got my referral date. 2 weeks time☺ Hopefully after 6 months of being stuck on an elevator going down, the countdown to treatment start date will begin. Also should get appt for ct. fibroscan. Fortunately I have the patience of 2 saints but even that is becoming tested.

Have a good week


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  • Great news I'm really pleased for you xx

  • Many thanks Michelle xxx

  • So pleased for you ok you xxxx

  • Many thanks Lynne. Appreciate the virtual care 😍xx

  • That's really good to hear. X

  • Hi Thick,

    long time a coming but yes good news which makes a change. Have you a referral date yet? xx

  • Hi

    Have you got a liver nurse. Mine emailed my consultant and brought my application forward from January to

  • No I haven't got anybody yet. 5 Dr's ignored me for last 5 months despite the blood results and numerous symptoms. I am hoping once seen at the hospital I will get more support as it has been confirmed twice it's hepatitis c, most probably from major sinus dental surgery or 25 yrs ago during intensive care while pregnant.

    I am hoping you are being looked after well 😍


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