Hi All, my husband who is 51yrs has had Hep C for over 20 years, whitch has caused Liver Chirosis. He had 2 lots of Hep C treatment but no luck still has the virus! He's had scans every 6 months, but in may they found 3 Tumours, he was sent to Q E Birmingham had Tace on the 2 biggest tumours. 24hrs after treatment he suddenly went down hill oxygen levels late 70s anyway he had blood tests scans, they could not put there finger on what was going on, he was constantly on oxygen went from 101 kg to 108kg with fluid. They pumped antibiotics and water tablets into him just incase he had a infection but he had no temperature. This was supposed to be a 2 day hospital stay which lasted 15 days in. On the 10th day he was seen by a heart consultant he was sort of saying what he thought had happened hypertension in the right side of his heart due to the procedure! And very unlikely he would be able to have anymore Tace. 14 days on all fluid had gone off oxygen and went home next day. Since he's been home has soon as he puts any food into his body he has the diarrhoea constantly, he is now 90kg no appetite at all feels very weak and fatigue! Just lying on the bed! He has been out of hospital 2 weeks now Tace done 4 weeks ago. Has anyone else been through Tace where things have gone wrong after. We have to wait for a scan end August to see if tumours have shrunk. Thank you for reading this! Any information would be much appreciated.

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  • Hi Kellydean

    I haven't been through what you and your husband are going through but my thoughts are with you. I hope things get sorted soon and your husband has more energy.


  • Thank you.x

  • I've only just joined the group but the one thing I already know is we are a team who have similar but different issues to deal with. We are there for each other.


  • Hi

    Just to let you know that I'm thinking of you both, it must be so hard. I think you are both doing really well. Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

  • Hi all haven't been on here for a while husband had results from scan, Tace Treatment didn't touch the tumours!! Sat with Dr Punia at Q E stats say my hubby has 12-16 months!! We are waiting for a Appointment to see if he can have SABR Radiotherapy treatment. Has anyone else had this treatment for HCC primary liver Cancer. I am out of my mind wandering what's going to happen next!! Any Information would be much appreciated. Thank you.x

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