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Symptoms of liver cancer

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Hi I have enlarged liver diagnosed by ultrasound and am waiting for ct scan. I have all the symptoms of liver cancer but don't fit the profiles. I am worried as consultant said possibly cancer does he know ?

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Do you have cirrhosis or chronic viral hepatitis? Primary liver cancer is rather uncommon in persons who do not suffer from those conditions. I was sent for CT because US showed hyperechoic lesions. Turned out it was a different condition, not HCC.

Your consultant is following the protocol for space occupying lesions, I believe. CT is superior for differentiarting those lesions (and more expensive, and radiation involved. Kidney function should be ok if contrast is involved.

Good luck,


No I have had no major illnesses been quite healthy all my life until my symptoms started 3 months ago my ultrasound said enlarged liver not echoing in places but when consultant examined me and took my history he said possibly cancer and that's all I can focus on now

Your consultant was not very reassuring. Some consultants are insensitive to the point of recklessness.

I waited for three months after CT for results. It is a difficult time. I found it helpful to accept whatever I cannot change.

Good luck,


I have been diagnosed as having Cirrhosis of the Liver a few months ago and asked my doctor if cancer would be picked up by an ultrasound scan and she said it would be.

They do US for screening. If they find lesions that cannot be classified clearly, they will have a watch and wait approach if the lesions are small to see if they are growing. From a certain size on, they send you for contrast CT or MRI for confirmation. US is more sensitive than specific, I think I have read. Meaning US sees something easily, but is not always sure what it id.

From what I understand, in HCC the blood leading to the tumor has a specific behaviour in the different phases of contrast. Something with the liver being fed by venous and arterial blood and one arriving earlier than the other. Too difficult for me.


Thank you for your reply ct scan tomorrow there is definitely something wrong just keeping my fingers crossed it's not cancer

Well had ct Tue. Phoned today to find out when I would get results they told me they had them but couldn't give them out over phone except to say they wanted more bloods done and then a review after they were done to see if follow up needed. They are faxing the results to my gp and to get in touch with him. So my question is would they leave it to gp to give out bad news as he wouldnt be able to answer any of my questions.

Well it seems they do leave it to gp!! He's just phoned to tell me I have cancer in my liver and they need to find out which one. It's a primary cancer every where else is clear. The next step is a biopsy but he doesn't know why I haven't been told this he is dealing with it now and is phoning consultants secretary in the morning. I'm feeling numb at the moment don't understand why I've no appt with consultant

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You really need to be seeing a liver consultant regarding this situation. It would be unusual for them to do a biopsy on a tumour within the liver as they don't normally as there is a risk that in doing so that they could 'seed' the cells elsewhere through your body. They need to be looking at what treatment options are available - there are various treatments and with primary liver cancers they generally have a pretty good outcome. If transplant is a possible necessity they need to also be sending you to 'touch base' with a transplant centre a.s.a.p.

Best wishes to you and fingers crossed all will be good going forward.


I have also read that so will be asking. I am hoping to see my gp as he doesn't understand why the consultant hasn't told me all this. I am going to ask him about a liver specialist as don't think the consultant is one thank you for your kind words

My husband was diagnosed with hcc two very small nodules he had microwave ablation done in may this year, you need to ask what treatment options there are. Good luck karen x

Thanks I will be writing questions down for when I go my gp is fantastic and has been on the case with the hospital but can't really answer any questions I have except to explain exactly what was in the report


I am thinking of you and you are in my prayers, hope everything works out for you. Your GP sounds really good. Please take care. With lots of love Lynne xxxx

He is been back to see him he's arranged my blood tests went on phone and got my case before the MDT today and told me to expect a call tonight or tomorrow i can only hope it's caught early as all my tests afp, ca199 came back normal apart from liver enzymes slightly raised

Hi I was diognosed with 2 liver lesions I turns out that they are from my lung cancer of 30 years ago and have settled in my liver for the blood sup ply needed for growth they are a carsonoid type tumor normally an op would be used to cut them out but cannot have a general anesthetic as I have only 1 lung and I could not get over it no chemo as well as I am not well enough and it old give me sepsis so they are going to block the vein so to the tumors starring them of blood which should kill them off best of luck mickmm

What worries me now is my doctor says he can feel it has grown since he last examined me so I'm scared with every week goes by it's getting bigger got appt again with consultant next week tests don't show what kind of liver cancer it is I just feel out of control

Been feeling out of sorts today intermittent pains in my liver and feeling sick never thought I'd say this but can't wait to see consultant next week 😷

Seeing consultant today worried that they may want biopsy and I've heard it's too risky invade the cancer seeds elsewhere any thoughts

Seen consultant large mass on left lobe and lesion/s on right. Asked about surgery he didn't think it could be done. Need a biopsy as they don't know which cancer it is so can't treat it till they know. I am going to see gp to try and be referred to a specialist unit in liverpool don't have much confidence where I am

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AyrshireK in reply to Sampa

Sampa, sorry to hear of the diagnosis, if I were you i'd be pushing for referral to one of the transplant units - St. James's in Leeds or QE Birmingham are probably the ones who service the North West area. If you wait for referral to Liverpool and they then refer you on. Ask about referral to a TP unit first.

All the best to you, Katie

They want to do a biopsy on Monday in my local hospital had a phone call scared as I don't feel had enough info. They said can't decide what treatment until they know exactly what type it is

Anyone else had biopsy done they never mentioned transplant

I know how you feel.I just found out I have a tumor in my liver.Big surprise.I am in shock.I wish you the best.

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