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worried bit of advice needed

Hi Everyone ive been drinking too much since my late teens and like everyone didn't worry too much as I always thought Time was on my side.ive been drinking most nights without any brakes and now I've turned 40 iam worried I have done damage to my liver , I had a private liver blood check done a couple of weeks ago because I was worried about the possibility Of damage to my liver ,they measured my ast and alt , my ast level was 28 normal range and my alt was 19 normal range .After reading up this does not always mean everything is ok , i had a ct scan a year and a half ago because I was getting really bad stomach pain and all organs normal no fatty liver . Is it possible that I now damaged my liver in a year and a half . I have no symptoms and feel relatively healthy, but past two days I have been getting really bad itching all over my body and I know by doing the dreaded google that is one of the signs of liver damage .

I know you guys are not doctors and that's who I should be seeing, it's really hard to get appointments these days to fit round work . Hope it's not too late to turn things round .

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I'm sorry that nobody on here can give you any answers to your question.

Whether you have damaged your liver or not by now, you are being given a wake up call and need to protect it.

Dr Google is notoriously dangerous. Yes itching is associated with liver problems but it is also associated with a multitude of other conditions.

You need to speak to your doctor about your concerns. Be honest about your drinking as you have here- you won't be judged by a Dr or by anyone on here.

I hope you get positive answers soon

Rita x


I second what Mrs merlin has said a 100% go to your doctor 😷

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Thank you all , going to see doctors and going to tell them what I really drink instead of the usual I don't drink that much . I didn't drink last night which must be the first time in about a month , thing is it doesn't bother me when I don't drink and don't really know why I do it . I think my body is telling me to stop and at 40 don't want to miss out on my kids lives because I didn't do something about it , finger crossed it's not too late .thanks again


It's never too late to change and we are both 40 and it was the first birthday I could enjoy in 5 years all my late 30's I was fighting for my life.

Think about yourself and your children, you may be drinking out of boredom look into education or evening classes ☺


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