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Doctor told me to stop binge drinking or I will go into liver failure

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I've been binge drinking once maybe twice a week for 10 years.binging would consist of two bottles of wine..15 tequila shots and 5 10 double vodkas.I'm 41 years of age.

My doctor told me if I didn't stop I would go into liver failure...I'm not 28 days clean.

I wish to know will I be able to drink again say three to four halves of lager.

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i drink everyday i was told by dr the alchole in my blood was way to high n end up with surosis probly same as u,but he did say if i stop for three months my blood will be normal agen,hope this helps a bit

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carllovatt in reply to daniel32

honestly if can have the one half only 2 or 3 times well done

but it will not stop at 2 or 3 we all know it better not to have one most folk with a drink problem will agree

That is a huge amount of alcohol to consume and believe me, I've consumed a fair bit in my time. The main problem with people drinking too much that doctors hate, is that they will not moderate it and will have to consume more to get the buzz and will want it more regularly. It is a horrible downward spiral.

If you could actually have three to four haves twice a week, that would be fine. Unfortunately the stats indicate otherwise.

No. To be honest, once a cucumber becomes a pickle there is no going back. Plus it sounds like your binge drinking has already started causing you issues. Most alcoholics become impaired in thinking after one or two drinks so the likelihood you would stop at just a lager or two is slim to none. Time to quit altogether. Before you end up like some of us, having transplants or waiting for one. Trust me it's just not worth it. The illnesses you get beforehand are miserable and ruin you.

Good luck


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Mel2637 in reply to dckimberly

I would quit altogether before it is too late and your drinking gives you serious problems that might not be reversed. I am not a drinker but you should quit while you are ahead. You are still young and have a lot of living to do. Good luck

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dckimberly in reply to Mel2637

Yes, I still have much to do! But I'm no spring chicken! Lol. 50 and a grandma.

I drank for over thirty years..wasted my life, even though I got to see and do many things.

I'm just grateful that my kids forgave me.

They are happy loving, successful adults now.

This is another gift of AA...I have the important relationships in my life!

I'm alsono longer ashamed of being a drunk. That's cause I am grateful and recovering!

Cheering you on!



I have worked in the medical field for a while, went to school for medicine and also been on the receiving end of liver damage. You need to get into some meetings and get some help. Your name insinuates that you are a female. Your liver already can't handle large sums of alcohol like a male can. To cavot on to this, you are now 41 years old, like everything else your body stops processing poisons like alcohol adequately. Things start to breakdown... Therefore, you are more susceptible to damage. Once a liver is damaged, it is 3x as likely to be damaged again, it is just the name of the game. I had damage from paracetamol, now I take 2 and my ALT spikes... I am sorry if I sound like a typical preacher, but it is a concern that you could be facing liver failure and your worry is can I ever drink again? Portal hypertension causes large veins to burst in your stomach, esophagus and anus. Therefore, you can poor out blood at anytime, either throwing it up or it spewing out of the other end. Ascities can blow your stomach up until it tears and it can become infected causing a body wide infection. Portal hypertension can turn into pulmonary hypertension and cause your blood to back up in your lungs and heart. Drinking isn't worth that, I thought about the painkillers I took and said wow that really isn't worth it. I got started on them because of a spinal cord tumor and the doctor just kept throwing them at me. I knew she was wrong, but didnt care at the time because I was in pain. You don't think it will happen to you until it hits you. Then at that point it is out of your control, it is too late. You have control right now, take control of it by any means necessary! Trust me, you don't want to go South instead of North. Those that have a drinking problem 9x out of 10 can't keep it under control when they go back to drinking. Some may get upset at me for this post, but I am being 100% real with you. I should have stopped when I first had symptoms, I didn't and ended up in the hospital with an umbilical hernia and my linea alba torn open feeling so ill that i just wanted to die. Great thing was it was Drug Induced hepatitis, not cirrhosis. I have healed greatly since last year and you can to if you get the issue under control that is insulting your liver. Stick around and read some of the cirrhosis member's diaries, go on MDJunction and read their diaries. Worrying everyday whether your liver is permanently damaged. Remember, the liver only needs 10% of its hepatocytes to do it's job. You can have substantial damaged and not know it. Then it hits like an A-tom Bomb. Life is better without the poison. Some people here have already crossed the red line and would give anything to be back in your position where they could control the outcome. Like the pickle analogy above, once a piece of paper is crumbled up it cant go back to being perfect again. Don't let your liver become that piece of paper, let it heal and don't look back. I wont even start with how the volume of alcohol you consume in one sitting hits the pancreas, stomach, kidneys, heart ect. Only you can take the proper course of action, all we can do is advise. You are the master of your own fate here. You are 28 days clean, you are past the hump. Remember that! Good Luck

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Carey4 in reply to kurtymac

If I'm honest I would rather know what that amount of alcohol does in one sitting please.

I'm now 28 days sober and stopped smoking 14 days ago too.I've stopped caffeine too.admittedly eating cakes...but I cannot do everything.

I'm struggling I so want to drink.

I don't know whether I will do it

I had an addiction to paracetamol too 8 a day for a year but stopped I've had four today.

I need to lose weight too

in reply to Carey4

Why have you stopped caffeine? Coffee is supposed to be good for the liver.

my friend scouser kurtymac you have put that brillantly your words of advice go a long way you are very honest and open and i hope people will listen to you i know i have ,well done my friend x

Hey Carey,

Well the good thing is you can admit these feelings and that is the first step towards making things right. Paracetamol is a nasty drug and is actually worse than alcohol in my own opinion. It causes microscopic damage to the liver hepatocytes at zone III and hepatocyte necrosis. Given your history, your liver has been damaged for quite some time. Most liver damage is very silent until it passes a certain threshold. I do encourage you to seek help, even if you have to PM to keep yourself grounded as I check my pms daily. One of my degrees is in psychology so I understand the importance of having individuals back you while you try to get better. The urge is always going to be there even years later after quitting when you see somebody drinking or see a baiting commercial, showing how good alcohol is. Your liver filters everything, it has been performance at a very high level to deal with tobacco toxins, alcohol and paracetamol. Losing weight is good also as deep fat/hepatic steatosis will cause damage as well. Alcohol causes cellular fatty changes before damage occurs. Alcohol induces cancer as it directly damages cells throughout the body. Pretty much you are increasing the chances of almost every cancer possible by drinking. Your whole gi-tract takes a hit. Alcohol can also damage your pancreas causing type II diabetes, which will result in more issues down the road. Pancreatitis can also be chronic if the pancreas is damaged to a certain extent. Gastritis of the stomach can occur as-well. Alcohol permanently kills brain cells, research suggests that you are more than 2x as likely to have Alzheimer if you are a drinker. Read about the lead singer from Breaking Benjamin and what alcohol has done to his brain due to the damaged it has caused. Alcohol also damages the lining of the stomach, this can be acute or chronic. Alcohol is toxic to the kidneys, this can cause chronic kidney disease, as the liver can't breakdown the alcohol quick enough before it reaches the kidneys, unlike the liver, the kidneys don't rebuild themselves. Caffeine is honestly the least of your worries right now, if you must have something, caffeine is the most benign at this point. Coffee has been studied for a while and is linked towards helping the liver heal. Normally, I would recommend tapering off alcohol, but at 28 days of being clean, it would only hurt you at this point. When in doubt, look up pictures of cirrhosis, liver disease. This is how I quit chewing tobacco, by looking at pictures of mouth cancer. I started chewing tobacco because in the Army it is molded into the culture. The hardcore Soldiers dip, well at least that is what we thought. You know that you have an addictive personality, without even recognizing it you answered your own question on "can I ever drink again"? "I had an addiction to paracetamol too 8 a day for a year but stopped I've had four today". That is fine many people do, the important part is recognizing it. Get motivated about being healthy again, eat right, exercise and mentally strengthen yourself. Look at Chester Bennington the lead singer of Linkin Park, he is the same age as you and committed suicide. He struggled with drugs and alcohol and now has took his own life. Many of his fans including myself are heartbroken. My point is get the help that you need, don't bottle it up and don't try do it alone. The vulnerable ones are the ones who don't get help and that is the truth. You need to find the motivation to live again.

At it again kurtymac words of wisdom well said my friend .people dont know what goes on in someones head it only take a minute no its not gary barlow ,to do something that afterwards you regret i tried to take my own life through depression an drink ,but i was stupid but very lucky to be given a second chance my dad must have been watching over me and iam so gratefull now with a new out come on life and a terrific son who has stood by me throuh thick an thin , good luck with your self kurtymac

also wanted to mention, with AA, theres a lot of socializing, so your not bored, not alone. Meetings, dances, retreats, coffee dates etc. Plus friends you can call should you want to drink.

People don't realize that normally, near the end, booze becomes our closest friend, lover, family member etc. Take that away and do not put any support in place and you can find yourself in trouble. There is also step work..which we do with a sponsor..changing ourselves and helping us get over guilt and shame.

I liken it to being in a herd..the newer lambs, or lost ones tend to wander near the edges..and they are the easiest for the wolf to surround yourself with stronger and many, thus ensuring your own survival.

Also, I need to note that it DOES NOT matter how little or how much you drink. what matters is WHY you drink.

Binge drinkers often take longer to get sober, because they don't see it impacting their lives everyday.

But I tell people, if you blackout, your most likely a drunk. If your tolerance is super-high, or super low at the end, your most likely a drunk.

Maybe you don't get into trouble every time you drink..but when you DO get into trouble your drinking.

Only YOU can decide if your an alcoholic..but denial is the biggest symptom of the disease, and if it walks like a duck..well, you get my point. lol.

Binge drinkers die also, beit in a car wreck, prolonged health problems etc.

But like I always say, sobriety is not for those that need it, its for those that want it.

Sadly, we often have to lose everything before we actually want it.

sorry to go on and on.

Again, good luck.


ps also, its great giving all those things up, but really, just worry about the booze right now. I kept smoking till I had my transplant, then I switched to vaping, which I love. And a little cake hurts no one. lol.

Being honest with you I've binge drank like that for ten years been hospital 126 times in 3 years to being so drunk I'm still drunk 26 hours later.

I've been raped twice 2009 and 2014 through being so drunk out of it.

Had my liver results back today my liver enzymes is it gamma was 70 should be under 50 mine is 29 now.

Honestly I may drink I've not decided yet tomorrow.

Il see how I go.



All of that stuff is water under the bridge, you need to look past it. When I was a little boy I faced sexual assault. This is one reason why Chest Bennington turned to alcohol and drugs and just recent took his own life. Rape and all of that, you need to chamber it and let it turn you into a strong person that you were able to overcome all of that. I went to college for a long time, but I don't leave out what I have faced personally in my life. Both parents were drug addicts a spinal cord tumor took my career. You have to keep digging deep, because if you don't it will beat you. Honestly, with your history I think you should get a fibroscan, to know exactly where your liver stands. Alcohol damage is pretty homogeneous so you should get a pretty finite number. Your GGT is elevated, that is to be expected with drinking, GGT won't come down for a while. It can take a year or more to normalize. You have been to the hospital a lot, you need to get a grip, you are going to kill yourself if you continue. Alcohol has put you in the hospital 126 times, there will come a point when you don't come home. Do you have family members, children anybody that is here for you or gives you a reason to fight? You are letting the demons win, what about some anti-anxiety medication to help you break free from alcohol. Trading one substance for another is no good, but at least xanax or something along those lines isn't liver toxic. It is metabolized by the liver, but normally causes transient serum elevations. At least until you break away from the alcohol craving. There will come a point that you will have to stop alcohol either by your own doing or from getting too sick. Many continue to drink and there body becomes so damaged that they cannot process alcohol anymore. You aren't at that point yet, but you are walking a fine red line. Give it more time away from the alcohol, as time goes on you will feel more confidant and will not want the alcohol as much. Lastly, write the days that you have been sober down, put it somewhere you can see it and be proud of everyday you cross off the list. 30 days, 31 days, 50 days, 100 days. That will show you that you are making leaps and bounds. Find something that you enjoy doing, when you are addicted even thing that you enjoy seem boring. That is the chemical imbalance in the head. Alcohol increases serotonin for addicts the same like painkillers. It is a reward system with your brain, you get positive reinforcement from the alcohol. It takes a long time for the brain to balance back out after you withdraw from alcohol. It is a long process, it will turn around. You need to keep this in mind because it isn't a fast process.

I have had a lager shandy today admit I could drink I'm not.until I can get to see my alcohol worker.

I'm not going to drink shorts vodka etc

To me im still 28 days sober.

To me sober is not vomiting and bein pissed on the floor

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Carey4 in reply to Carey4

I had one halve of lager shandy and that was it

It is alright Carey, everybody slips up. You just have to bounce back, it isn't going to be a perfect transition nor an easy one. Don't let the slip up defeat you, keep fighting. At some point you will start to resent drinking as you start to feel every time you drink it is a step back for your liver healing. That is how I feel when I take medication now, if I take some, I feel a set back. Liver pain and not so nice symptoms. I pretty much got to the point where I don't want anything.

I was sick every morning and once i was sick i would start again the worse thing you can do its easier said than done but try an stay away from the poison or it has won ,you will get there ,every days a challenge but stay with itan enjoy your sober days ahead of you best of luck x

Very true I had 4 halves of lager and a glass of wine.not for me.

So back on it to try and fight it thanks for the advice

Are you in the UK and how old are you.

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7265sunlower in reply to Carey4

Its still tempting to be honest with you its a downward spiral ive been there thats why i call it the downside of drinking ,but there is so much more than over priced lager an shity wine my liver must have been like one of the silver bags inside a wine box ,iknow it was my fault but the drink makes you selfish ,everyones different and with the right help you will get there iam 52 so i did have a lot of drinking years i have finally put behind me ,best of luck to you carey stay strong its an illness an nothing to be ashamed of as i was for so many years some people can be so cruel an judgemental x

I would say everything that kurtymac already said. There are so many risks and things that can happen and will happen (I saw it happen with my own father). Dying from cirrohsis/end stage liver disease is awful. It doesn't have to happen quick. With my dad it was lots of years and years of hard drinking and a long drawn out painful deteriorating death. I literally watched him die (waste away over months) in front of my eyes. So so many hospitals trips (countless)over the years, in and out of hospitals to detox..only to drink again, near death many times, I could go on. But what I saw during those last months when I cared for him is something you would NEVER want. It was truly awful. He stopped being able to walk, had ascites, exhausted all the time, had hepatic encephalopathy, mood swings, couldn't perform simple tasks-balancing his checkbook, couldn't remember anything, basically destroyed his brain function, his legs/feet seeped water, had bathroom accidents daily, low blood pressure, couldn't eat, muscle deterioration in his arms and face was so skinny, kidney failure, bruises on arms, unable to live independently-bathe, loss of fine motor skills (couldn't open things, cook, write) etc. I could go on. It's the saddest. I would stop if the doctor said to. My dad didn't believe the doctors for years and years. He quit 6-1-2016 and it was too late. He died 10-12-16. Good luck and I hope you can get the help and support you will need. My sisters and I did everything we could over the years and he wouldn't stop.

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Eirene49 in reply to Lperica10

So sorry about your Dad, my heart goes out to you watching him deteriorate like that. To anyone that's struggling to give up alcohol, I think your post explains very well the scary outcome of continuous drinking. I gave up alcohol completely about two and a half years ago, the best thing I ever done. My regret is I didn't do it earlier. Just hope my liver will keep going for me as I'm 69 now.

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Lperica10 in reply to Eirene49

Good for you. That makes me so happy to hear. I wish he could have. But he just couldn't, or wouldn't. I wish I could show people what happened to him in his last months. It was terrible. Terrible. I am so glad you quit. In the end, my dad did not want to die. It was heartbreaking. It was especially bad because they told him in July he was going to die so then he lived until October knowing. Terrible.

so sorry for your loss stay strong for yourself and your family god bless.

Been out last night and got drunk.had two bottles of wine.really struggling without drinking.spent all day throwing up feeling sick.

I really need help and advice I could do with rehab.

But cannot afford to pay

Can anyone help me 😌

Hey sorry, my laptop was broken. I am in the U.S and 30 years old. There has to be rehabs that can deal with the financial issues or some that are free paid by the town, city, ect. Throwing up is your liver saying it can't handle the amount of alcohol that it has to process. When your liver can't detox the amount, your body will throw it up. You need rehab and you need it fast, not going to sugar coat it. If you don't stop you will end up with cirrhosis. Lpercia10's story gives you a good image of the future. You need to stop it now, your live may already be beyond damage. Nobody, knows unless you get a fibroscan. I wish there was a way to get you to stop drinking, I would recruit the help of your doctor. Call your doctor and say, "I am an alcoholic, I am killing myself and I need help". Then your doctor if he or she is good, can facilitate a treatment plan. Something to help you withdraw from alcohol and admit you into a rehab program. I was afraid of withdrawals from painkillers, I can tell you I was afraid of the wrong thing. My liver getting sick was the worse experience of my life and I still am feeling the effects from a year ago. I probably will have to get my abdomen fixed up. Luckily, I stopped in time and had the clear by many tests, you can too, but you need to stop now. You are walking on a fine line with a demon, you can win or end up it's victim. There are two possibilities here and one or the other is going to happen. You need to open your eyes and mind and see the bigger picture that is at stake here.

I'm 41 and I've been throwing up after drinking for 10 years.

I drink that much I mean I can spend 170 pound on vodka etc

I've had an addiction to paracetamol as well for a year taking 8 a day it says you cannot be addicted but I believe you can.

I know I'm a binge alcoholic because once I get that taste I cannot stop..

My liver is back to normal now and I'm going to try and stop.

I see my doctor every week to get medication.

If you are on Facebook I will add you if you like always good to have support let me know and thanks ....again

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7265sunlower in reply to Carey4

the throwing up first thing is horrible ive drank for over 30 yrs iam 52 i dont look it even though ive been very ill ive been there started again an got the taste for it as kurtymac says it is a downward spiral ive stopped now its not easy but see your doctor an give it a try best of luck carey4.

I did have a facebook, but am currently locked out. I do have a fake facebook and I am on linkedin. 7265sunlower, thank you for the kind words. It does my heart good knowing that my words are helping somebody get better.

Thanks for the advice I'm going to see how I go x

Sounds like a plan Carey, take control of your life. I went to the ER with my wife because she was having pain and they sucked as many ERs do. Once you get to a very sick point and have to rely on medicine it is sadly disappointing. I have been disenchanted with the medical system. The best course of action is to mitigate it from happening in the first place.

Our A and E are usually great over here.We have the NHS which is free medical care for everyone. ..I hope now to not be using it as much and staying sober

Hi everyone. I've just stumbled on this thread.

I'm Jane im 43 and basically I'm dying. I drink every day even though I have end stage liver disease osteoporosis hepatic encephalopathy and cerebral atrophy ataxia-all caused by alcohol

I have oesophageal varices and 2 years ago they burst. I felt sick so went to the sink and threw up, it was thick dark red clots dialled 999 rushed straight through to resus,I said to the nurse i need a wee she said I'll go get a bowl and by the time she got back I said I'm sorry I've wet myself they rolled me on my side and the nurse said oh my god... I was pouring blood out of every orifice... that's the last I remember woke up in ITU 5 days later I'd had surgery doc performed TIPPS. Yes I virtually bled to death.

I hope I have scared you X

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Miche49uk in reply to

Hi Jane,

That is very scary indeed, two years ago and yet you are still drinking? My question is, didn't it scare you? I don't mean that in a condescending nor judgemental way or any other way other than as a person concerned for others welfare. I have misused alcohol at times, it's damn evil stuff.

43 years old is so young it's heartbreaking to read this, do you have family/friends/support?

Take care,

Michelle xx

Hi Michelle I was dry for few months because yes it did scare me but then my dear dear mum passed and it triggered the start again. Family??? Just a supportive dad and one sister, friends... a few who understand me.but in reality know one understands the word terminal or pallative care... thank you for your concern Xx

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Miche49uk in reply to

Hi JR2009,

I understand those words, I lost my Mum too, last July 16, I had been caring for her having pulled her from yet another negligent care home so I did it myself. She had a funny turn which they call a step down as she had vascular dementia and was in hospital from May 16.

I fell apart 4 months after her death, it wouldn't sink in and I blamed myself so harshly...we went from being told she needed respite care to palliative care to her dying in a week. I was there.

What helped this time was a man appearing from our local drug and alcohol services, he intervenes if someone is in and out of A & E, he visited in hospital and spent hours with

me at home when I came out, for months. His services were pulled due to funding in July and I felt lost but we'd already concluded alcohol wasn't the issue although it caused a massive one. It scares me as I don't know all my triggers. I have no desire to drink but this has happened before.

Support is key, however you get it. I hope you get can come from places you least imagine.

I hope the consultants are looking after you well.

Best wishes,

Michelle xx

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Carey4 in reply to

I hope your still alive and well.I know what you mum died in 2001 my whole life changed I started to drink.

I should write a book about my life it would be a best seller pandora donate to charity.

Well im back I was off the vodka and tequila for 4 months then started drinking again.pissed as a far. I'm now 10 days clean again so I will see how I go.....

in reply to Carey4

I don't know what else to suggest that others haven't but why don't you swing by a liver clinic and see what liver damage looks like on the outside?

As many on here already know, most people who end up with end stage liver disease, do so through no fault of their own. You can still change this! I've never struggled with any addiction so can't advise on how you can beat yours but there must be a rehab clinic, close friend or family member who can help you stay off booze?

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Carey4 in reply to

Il see how I go I'm doing okay and feel better than ever

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