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Dad is struggling

Hi all can anyway let me know if they are struggling with there legs,dad has scirrosis nothing they can do 🙁 We as a family are coping with dads every day needs and although he goes through a lot with this illness it is his mind that is worring us,he is in a dark place again thinks it's nearing the end although I'm not in his body I'm quite sure he is wrong,he is really struggling on his legs had a few falls is this the liver or his age dad is in his 70s,any feedback would be much appreciated thanks.

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Hi Tink,

We are sorry to read that your Dad is struggling at the moment.

It may be a good idea if your Dad gives you consent to speak with his GP, and you could let them know that you are concerned about his legs, his mobility and his risk of falls. You can also discuss with them your dad's low mood.

The GP is then best placed to organise assessments for your Dad and see if he can get any useful equipment to help him from occupational therapy. They can also assess your Dad for any nursing or care needs.

We hope that is helpful and wish you well,


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