May be a silly question but

Can you request your bloods to be taken at home if you feel to unwell to get to your doctors??

My Drs always seem so anti at coming out to see me but when I call them it tends to be the point I can't get out of bed and the thought of actually going down there makes me want to cry.

I was just wondering what are other people's experience are??

Thank you in advance x

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  • When Terry was too unwell to get to the GPs they would send out a Phlebotomist to take bloods at home. Never any problems so you should insist on this.xx

  • Hi ring and demand ! In my experience to get anything done i had to push to even convince my dr to refer me to a hepetologist. You are well.within your rights to ask them to send someone to you as they have a duty of care. X

  • Hubby had his bloods taken at home by the district nurse when he was to poorly to go out. Any decent GP practice should be able to so that for you. Good luck. X

  • Hi,

    Your GP should be able to easily organise this for you via the district nurse/community nurse team.

    Good luck,

    Warm wishes,


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