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Overload of iron in my blood

Sorry to bother you folks.

I am worried. I am the carer for my Mother who is 91. So you can understand that I cannot die just yet. Can anyone explain this to me,overload of iron in the blood, . Yes I did drink a lot when my husband died, I must admit I still drink in the evening. Boredom. I eat lots of veg, chicken and fish and red meat. I love salad. I am not sleeping, if I get 5/6 hours. I think I am selfish for asking you this, sorry. Tell me to thingy off I will understand.

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Have you been diagnosed with haemochromatosis (iron build up in the liver), this is treatable and you might learn more about it on the British Liver Trust page at:-

Haemochromatosis can lead to cirrhosis and also comes with an increased risk of liver cancer. You should be put under the care of a liver specialist for regular phlebotomy and appropriate checks of your liver. You should really give consideration to giving up the drink as along with the liver condition you perhaps already have it is like pouring petrol on a bonfire and you will be sustaining increasingly more damage.

The page I linked to makes suggestions as to what you can do to look after yourself going forward.



Hello! Do investigate this further. The tests for haemachromatos are blood tests that your GP can arrange. If you do have it, it is treatable, but don't delay in finding out.

Blood tests picked up my liver problems, and thankfully in good time.


Thank you.

I am off to the Hospital on Thursday for more blood tests.

I will let you know what the outcome is, good or bad.


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