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Doctor fillow-up


GOOD NEWS - Liver Dr. Yesterday said I was not sick enough to go on transplant. I guess, thats good for now. Doctor said she couldn't guess when that day would happen, to hope I stay healthy by getting type 2 diabetes under control with diet and exercise I should get on some sort of meds for it! Going to take me off Iron supplements to see how I do they cause constipation, as for heart burn possible my upper GI issues founds lessons/cysts and nodules which will be checked again in Oct 2017. Trying to see a endocarditis been calling for wks no one returns my calls! Many of these Dr's are not taking new patients. I believe I can de-stress a bit since not as bad as thought or GP had said! Turns out GP was wrong sort of. Keep healthy friends. Now getting on with daily life.

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