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Me again ... ercp advice???

His all .. I was hoping some of you could she'd a little light on my partners latest shannanigans. . Basically he had an mri mrcp scan last week and we called consultants office and they said he now got to have a ercp? I's this procedure just for gallstones as they said they think gallstones maybe blocking the ducts ..but not definitely. . Can anyone shed some light? My partner seems uninterested in what they're doing so hasn't asked any questions and ob due to patient confidentiality they won't tell me anything.he can be such a donut sometimes .. thanks xx

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Hi. Yes ercp checks the bile duct for any abnormality


It's not just for gallstones. They can also take tissue samples and inject dye into the liver to look for obstructions and narrowings. I'm sure there are other possibilities too, inserting stents for example and removing stones.


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