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Update Easter Sunday

Happy Easter to all from Tx! God is.good. I hope everyone spends time with family feeling the love from all around the world. I go Tuesday to see Liver Dr. Should go onto transplant list. Scary, i guess thats when I find out about what is needed and if I qualify or not! I am a huge workaholictrying to push to work as long as possible. I don't and most don't know how much time we have to work or anything else for.that matter. I am praying singing praise above glory to the highest for all of us to find peace/love/cures/transplants! Iam dtill struggle with eating and weight loss, Doctors keep saying they can't believe how well I seem! That is scarying me tremendously! I'm hopeful that it does not mean worse news. Hang in their folks from being a part of these groups it has helped me so much trying to inderstand all the technical aspects of our health battles.

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Happy Easter to you to. thank your for your prayers. I hope that everything goes well for you when you go to see your surgeon on Tueday. Thats the day im going. Im in scotland. Many of us are on our own and dont have families, The forum is so important because it does not close for holidays and there is always someone to talk to. im so grateful for that. God bless you, love grace xoxoxo 🙏


Hi liver3 .. happy Easter to you too . Thank You for your lovely thoughts and prayers,wishing you the best for Tuesday, I have to go on 9th may to find out where I stand so to speak; I look well and do my best to remain thst way but I am struggling a little now. I have family but was on my own today, seeing my sister tomorrow as she's coming round to help me with a few things around the home .sending you near wishes.. Linda 😊xx


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