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Liver Problem

Hi everyone! I need help and advace. Since young my husband is diagnose in Diabetes. Last 3 years we run in hospital because he diagnose of liver problem because of heavy drinker or alcohol. But I cannot understand why he cannot accepted that he alcoholic or have a alcohol problem is that normal? He consume 750ml of rhum every day or more. He so aggressive every time I said to him about it. He also hiding the bottle of alcohol in our dressing room or behind computer room and also in bed. I'm so sad because I cannot helping him. Now his feet is always big or Edema and also his tummy. His always tired and cannot walking 250 meters, he have big problem in breathing. Right know he don't want to go to the doctor for monitoring his liver, it's almost 1 year already his last visiting. I remember also the doctor advace to him that he need to monitor his liver specially it's already damage. I'm so anger because he think his normal and nothing to be worried.

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Aw hun sorry to read this, you ate not alone, many people have friends/partners who deny they have a problem with alcohol.

Sadly too many do not give up and end up in very bad health and die, but others do wake up to it, stop drinking and get well enough to have a good life.

Your hubby sounds like he is in the latter stages of liver disease - though that doesnt mean he cannot get better.

Please get him to see a doc or go to the docs yourself so he at least gets a further test. The doc will be able to determine the best treatment for him.

Best of luck, denial of any addiction is normal, i hope he wakes up out of it x


Sadly with his present condition he's not experiencing any pain or discomfort so his attitude is going to be blinkered. with the attitude "if it's not broken don't try and fix it". So he doesn't accept what is about to befall him. When l had my Varices attack it was a real eye opener and l've not drunk since. I used to have a girl friend who had a drink problem. She used to hide vodka all over the flat. Some bottles in quite imaganitive places. I remember getting the vacuum cleaner out once, and found that wasn't picking up properly. When l looked to empty the dust bag, there was a bottle of vodka blocking it.

The liver is a wonderful organ, but like everything else it can only take so much abuse before it becomes so badly damaged that it can nolonger work properly. ( I got type 2 diabetes through liver damage). It sounds like he already has a condition call Ascites which is where fluid builds up in the cavity wall. This has to be drained off at the hospital. The fluid in his stomach is building up and most likely pushing his lungs up higher up into his chest. This will impact on his breathing until it is drained.

Sadly he won't get any help because he won't admit he's got a problem. There's not a lot you can really do. Nagging won't do any good, it may even make it worse. What a lot of people don't understand is that alcohol doesn't discriminate and doesn't mind who or what walk of life you come from. When a person developes a problem like this. It's not just a physical problem, but a mental one too. Alcohol becomes their best friend, and no one wants to lose their best friend. When they do stop drinking there can be a period of grief. This is often over looked as counseling might help.

His aggression might also be a condition of Hepatic Encephalopathy. This is where the liver and kidneys can nolonger process certain chemicals like ammonia, which then end up getting into the blood system and affects the brain. This could cause problems with his mental state.

It sounds like his liver is really in a bad way. He does need help, but HE is the one who has to seek it. Alcohol-related liver disease is a terrible condition. But you'll find a lot of help and advice here. Good luck, and stay strong.


Thank you Richard, true what you said. He nagging all the time specially about his alcohol problem. Our kid always asking about his sickness. His family suffering also what his doing, always told him he need a therapy because that's the only way that can helping him. His always answer me his fine and totally healthy. I'm so disappointed what I see in our life right know. all his family told him already but nothing happened. Because he think his fine. I'm tired looking at him everyday that he don't help his own body. He love alcohol so much that what I see. His (Diabetes is type1) i notice on him right know when he get sick he shaking or shivering and fever. I don't know why. He have also this spot like spider-nets they called it all over his body. I'm still hoping that he wake up one day and realize that he need to do something for him hoping it's not too late. I'm totally desperate and angry about all what happened to my husband.. Too sad for us right now.

Thank you for your advice

Best regard Nick🙂


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