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now i will really scream with frustration

my daughter age 43 has had raised LFTs since gallbladder removal age 23

periodically for no reason she lands up with bouts of liver pain ,vomiting and diarrohea ( no its not food over the years she was always threatened with a liver biopsy which she avoided ...last sept we both went for a research liver scan at Oxford

She does not drink or eat a bad diet ,is gluten free but was told she had a very seriously inflamed liver and a barrage of tests should be done wheras i was told i had the liver of a 16 year old who does not drink ( thats a real joke since i do enjoy a drink before dinner and had my gallbladder removed 2 yrs ago because a huge stone caused an infection )

well a barrage of blood tests and scans were done on daughter and finally when they revealed nothing a biopsy was ordered ...she passed out with the pain of the biopsy and has been in severe painever since she saw the liver guy finally today over a month after the biopsy to be told theres zero wrong and the pain she experienced with and after the biopsy has nothing whatever to do with her liver

the bouts of liver pain vomiting and dirrohea she has suffered over the years are also nothing whatever to do with the liver so she should be happy

so we are no furthur fwd and actually she is now in more pain as a result of the biopsy

i totally and utterly despair of the entire medical world since everthing is always

"we have no idea whats wrong but its all in your head " and we simply cannot be bothered to find out

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She obviously has something wrong with her . Have they done a full MRI yet , it could be abdominal.

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she has had all sorts of scans but everything gets blamed onto fibromyalgia which is like the cfs/me label they cant be bothered to find out exactly whats wrong easier to dole out anti depressants and claim its all in your head ...theres no way she will take them

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I have the same problem it's the meds or just gallbladder disease it hurts I no that !!!


if you have had your gall bladder removed its vital that once a week you take milk thistle and berberis tintures from Baldwins herbal in london

if you still have your gall bladder same applies


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