Still Pain after liver biopsy 10days ago

My daughter passed out during her liver biopsy 10 days ago came to in excrutiating pain and screamed place down because she felt she was looking down at herself from the ceiling hours later they condescended to do an ultrasound to check for bleeding the only thing she knows is the doctor who did the biopsy said he could tell her liver was extremely inflamed which is what the special scan in Oxford showed

She felt so ill still and with stabbing pains in her liver the GP ordered an ambulance to take her back to hospital 6 days after the biopsy hospital finally did another ultrasound late afternoon and told her to return next day for CT scan which they deliberately kept her waiting from 8am to 4.30pm for and now claim theres nothing wrong

She still has severe stabbing pains in her liver but hospital claim thats nonsense

lord knows how long the biopsy results will be but why why why the pain?

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  • Hi i was reading your post and it brought back memories very similar to your daughters experience!

    I got a liver biopsy done not ultrasound guided just done in the ward with the curtains closed..the biopsy wasn't painful at the time it was done but within 30 mins i thought i was going to die..extreme stabbing pain in the area under the blood pressure dropped very low and they done another ultrasound which showed nothing..the pain was that bad i couldn't breathe properly. .when i went home i was in agony for 2wks before things settled down.

    I asked another consultant what could cause that amount of pain and was told the doctor possibly hit a nerve when it got done which can cause a lot of pain.

    It will settle down in time and taking some medication for the pain might help..hope your daughter feels better soon .X

  • Hi there, it must be have been a nerve on the way to the liver as the liver itself has not got any nerves whatsoever. Just thought I'd let you know that. Laters Ian

  • typical as if she does not have enough to deal with they hit a nerve in an ultrasound guided liver biopsy and then try to claim theres nothing wrong

  • I had liver biopsy done four years ago and although I felt pressure I had awful pain in my right shoulder and I felt I couldn't breathe properly I was really distressed as had to have oxygen for a while

  • I needed morphine after my biopsy as the pain was incredible, breathing was very painful, they thought the needle had probably caught my diaphragm it lasted around 3 - 4 weeks.

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