How Do I tell my Parents?


I noticed that the last time I went to the bathroom that there was white spots in my stool. I googled it and most places are saying that I probably have a liver problem. I don't know how to tell my mom that I'm concerned about this as I'm quite embarrassed about it, but I really want help. I'm not at the age that I can just go to the doctor by myself, and my next checkup is in awhile. What do I say to her?

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  • Hi,

    In my opinion the best thing you can be is honest with her. You have expressed yourself very well in your post. Try and get some time with just you and your mum, she will be more concerned about your health than anything "embarrassing".

    If you really don't think you can face talking to her about it you could try writing her a letter or maybe sit down with her and show her your post. Tell her you have something to show her on the internet. Let her read it herself. She'll then understand your concerns and hopefully she'll make it easier for you.

    Best of luck

  • Hi

    I would just tell your mum and visit the doctor , unfortunately the Internet has lots of information, some that is scary but most of it won't apply , please try not to worry , do you have any other symptoms?

    Your doctor can do tests which can easily rule things out.

    Let us know how you get on , I have three children aged 20 ,12 and 9 , I would want to know if they were worried about something.

    Take care ☺️

  • Just be honest and talk to her. After all you may not have a liver problem.

  • hello El_Salter , talking to your parents is never easy, but if you don't tell them, you will be worrying unnecessarily. Best thing to do is to wait until you have your mom on your own and tell her you feel worried about something. Let her do the rest of the talking. Any parent I have met would be very upset to find out that there was something wrong and you couldn't tell them. Hopefully Dr Google is wrong. When my liver become affected by an autoimmune disease, my whole stool was pale, but obviously I can't comment on yours!!!

    Best of luck and if you can't face the chat,as someone else has said, leave a note :)

  • I can understand you begin embarrassed but please tell Mom. Believe me not telling would be the worst thing you can do.

  • I would encourage you to tell your Mum. It is difficult to find the right words even as an adult ! Perhaps you could start by saying you feel anxious about telling her something, that it is a medical best wishes,

  • Make a copy of the info you found and slip it to her she will naturally follow up


    I went to the bathroom again today and found that the white spots no longer are there. Should I still tell her?

  • If you're anything like me it will still be playing on your mind. Why not talk to your mum, go and get checked out at the docs. It'll put your mind to rest and you and your mum will probably end up having an even better relationship.

    All the best

  • I would still talk to your mum because you have been worried about it and mums want to know about these things ,😀

  • I have a system with my children - 32, 22 and 20 - that I put in place when they left school which might help.

    If they have something embarrassing to tell me, they send me a text or an email.

    It's hard to say things face to face at times but it's a lot easier to write it down. You could include a link to the information you have found to make it easier.

    You also have the option of visiting your dr alone as it may turn out to be nothing, which I sincerely hope is the case.

    Nothing to be ashamed of- liver disease has many roots


  • From the use of "mom" I'm guessing you are in the U.S. I'm not sure about there but in the UK you can visit the Dr on your own under the age of 16 if you are Gillick competent. This means you are aware and understand what you are told well enough to make a decision. I'd still suggest talking to someone even if it is school or a friend if you really can't talk to your mom. Don't be embarrassed, she wiped your bum, taught you to use a spoon etc.. She'll just want you to be ok. Xxxxxx

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