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Type 2 diabetes and liver

I've just been advised to go to a doctor by a pharmacy they measured my blood sugar and told me I was probably type 2 diabetic. The tablets to control it I believe can damage the liver. I'm praying that my liver can recover. Has anyone else coped with both?

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Type 2 diabetes can be a contributory factor in fatty liver disease too. You definitely need some medical follow up to check on the health of your liver at this present time & see where you are going forward.

Abstinence from alcohol, changes in diet and lifestyle and you should be able to slow down, halt or even reverse liver damage.

Let us know how you get on.

Katie :)


As a bi-product of genetic haemochromatosis, I developed Diabetes type 2 and subsequently liver damage (probably a complex interrelationship). Diabetes has been well controlled by Metformin and at my last check up the Diabetes nurse told me that I would not be diagnosed as diabetic if I were to present now. Not a cure, perhaps, but a consequence of changed life style (no alcohol, careful diet etc).



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