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ALT and AST increase.


Hi, I'm new to this community. I had a few questions. The beginning of the year I was hyperbilirubin and my doctor seemed to think it was from my low functioning gallbladder. It goes up and down from time to time. She did a liver fuction test at the beginning of the year and I was all normal and she recently did one two weeks ago and it went up a little but still in normal range. I went to the er with back pain and they did a complete blood test and I noticed my liver alt and alk went up from being at ALT was 11ul and now it's 28 ul. I know this is still in normal range however it increased in two weeks... my AST was 21ul and now 25ul. Is there a reason why it would jump in two weeks? Is that normal for it to change fast? I worry a lot so this is bothering me. Any suggestions?

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if you drink i would want dr to do some more liver related test. after all once u have symptoms it may have caused damages. I know

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I do not drink at all


My other half had slightly raised ALT levels after a routine blood test. When he had it re-checked at some point later (I'm afraid I can't remember the timescale) everything was back to normal. These levels can fluctuate and usually are nothing to be alarmed about. He's been fine ever since. I'm the one with the liver problem and on initial diagnosis, my level was around 1000, just to give you an idea of how high they can get!! :) I have an auto-immune condition.

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I also have an a auto immune problem. I have POTS.



Welcome to the forum.

The British Liver Trust have a publication called 'Liver Disease Tests explained' that can further explain the different tests for you. Here is the link;

We kindly ask you to please not to post your individual test results on the forum.

Differences in normal range for different laboratories can make it difficult to compare or comment on individual test results specifically. This is due to the different brand of tests that are used and how these are interpreted. We note you mention 'ER', if you are in the US there may also be differences in liver fuction test results compared to here in the UK.

It would be advisable to discuss your test results with your own doctor who knows you best,

We hope you enjoy the forum, there is a lot of fantastic support on here,

Best wishes,


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