Did i tell you?

Did i tell you?

Im sure I've told you before but you people are fantastic. I love your posts your friendship's and the conversation we can sometimes make from nothing. There's always someone around whatever the time. Im feeling so much better these days and its through you. So thanks again from the bottom of my ❀. Im feeling happy. Hope you all have a fab weekend and my mailbox is open to anyone for anything. Posting a pic with my grandson Kade. My little world. ❀

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  • Hi Sheri ,,nice msg from you ,,your looking fantastic btw and your grandson looks like a handful n im sure you spoil him rotten ,,,we all need to talk to each other positive vibes do help with wellbeing and speeding up the healing process,,,i love coming on hre and i practically keep this site open always as i dont want to miss anything ,,ive had some good advice this week n some peeps have had transplants which is wonderful ,,,good luck to them ,,,anyway you stay happy healthy and keep the LoVe all the Best Matthew ,,,ps...shine bright like a DiAmOnD

  • Aww Matt. Your fantastic thing your a star. It's you that shines bright like a diamond. I love Kade he is a handful but he's Great honestly. This site is brilliant i love it. Positive thoughts defo. Hope you get what you deserve and stay in touch. Love hearing from you. Be happy xx

  • im so pleased for you sherri its great to hear some good news from you. and i cant believe that your a grandma. you'v been such a strength to some people i know and myself so its great that your getting some happiness. this is great news. love always. grace xoxo 🌹

  • thanks Grace. This lil one makes me happy. Telling me how big the dinosaur he wants for Xmas and his imagination is unreal. ❀ you Grace xxx

  • sorry i never mentioned your little grandson sherri. he is lovely. i just cant believe that your a granny. i was just thinking of you that day,when you said you were happy and that was all that was in my mind.love grace xoxo

  • awww Thankyou Grace my sweet friend. I love Kade all the world as he says. I have a granddaughter too called Honey my sons lil girl, she's 4months older than Kade but mum dumped my son we had regular contact she got with another lad had another baby and moved and we don't know where. We haven't seen her for nearly 2yrs now. It's πŸ’”. Were stuck now. Kades mum is pregnant 🀰again so granny time again for me. I'm happy. It actually gives me something to focus on. She has her scan nxt week when I'm at Leeds. Gutted but i get to be there for the birth. Been lucky to have seen both of them born. I'm going on with myself now. Sorry. How are you doing? You still being a busy bee? Sweats? I'm still getting them every now and then. Lost with them but things could be worse. Sending you all the ❀ in the world and huge hugs. ❀ you Grace as always πŸ’› xxx

  • Lovely post Sheri and you have a gorgeous grandson( thought he was your son, your looking good girl πŸ˜‰) love Sam xx

  • thanks Sam. That's so sweet of you. 😊. Grandma so i can give him back. Awww never if it was up to me. You have made me blush. Thanks again πŸ˜‰ xxx

  • Can I borrow him for a weekend?. Handsome little mite. x x x x (still feeling yuck me ). Will message when got the energy, somehow in the next two weeks have to move house!!!!! L.O.L. Still thinking about that bath! anne x x p.s. for a snickers bar and two sugar mice is he any good at shifting furniture?.

  • course you can borrow him. He's just too helpful. Omg 2weeks. Wish i was nearer to help you sweetheart. I gave up on the bath and had a shower. It was probably one of the best ever. For a snickers and 2 sugar mice you get us both. 😁. Aww try and take it as easy as you can. Msg or ring whenever you need. Love n hugs xxx❀

  • That,s great, If I send the postage can you send him up by parcel post please? And don,t forget the air holes, very important air holes!! anne x x

  • oh air holes of course and Bubble wrap only because he's too precious to me ❀ . Oh its peeing down here today. Hate driving on the motorway best of times but in the rain. Yuck. Back soon ❀ xxx


  • Haha too funny this made me laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • me too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ exceptional circumstances this though πŸ˜‚ xx

  • he's not really small. Is that ok then? πŸ˜‚

  • Totally agree with what you're saying. Don't know how I would have coped without all these wonderful people here. They were my ROCK on the darkest days & helped me sooo much.

  • so true isn't it? Brilliant people. Hope you have an easy day. I actually plan to today. Lazy Sunday 😊 . Enjoy xx

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