Feeling grim

hey all. I've been struggling with a bad stomach for over a week now. Been to Leeds today. They are concerned. Lost over a stone & half in a month. Biopsies showed ulcers all over my stomach. They want a scan as they are worried it could be sinister. After my liver transplant they found my donor had cancer. To be honest I'm worried now. Urgent bloods were taken today. My head is all over the place as I've been bombarded with scans and cameras being put where i don't really want them. Anyone else suffered with anything like this? Xx❤

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  • I've not heard of that before, you must be incredibly worried. I would have thought that the donor would have been thoroughly examined. Also can cancer really be contagious in this way? This raises a lot of questions.

    I hope this is a false alarm and that you get to the bottom of it soon.

  • it came back 8 weeks later that my donors cells were cancerous. He had cancer but they haven't said where just 95% Chance ill develop it too

  • Hi sweet, I,ve been wondering how you have been getting along. You would think they would check for minor things like cancer in donors before tx ! The times I,ve heard of this happening. I can,t answer your query as no experience but just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you. God bless. anne xxxxxx

  • thankyou Anne. Xxxxx

  • Hope you,re comfortable tonight love. xxxx

  • How horrendous for you Sheri; i agree, it certainly does raise alot of questions Rodeojoe; I very much hope this can be sorted out for the good. Sorry i can't be of further help, but wishing you well at this worrying time xx

  • thankyou Susieanna xxx

  • me to sheri sorry i cant really help, im thinking of you. i know thats not much good to you. you are such a woderful and encouraging friend to me.sometimes its hard to know what to say and i feel so hopeless. your in my prayers. love grace ❤️xoxo

  • its more than enough Grace. Your friendship means the world xxx❤

  • sheri thinkin of you ok ,,be strong ..lets hope it can be treated ,,,those docs should be shot for not giving your new liver a full health check ,,,,,keep us informed hugz matt

  • Thanks Matt Hugs bk xx

  • That's horrendous, I hope you're in the 5% and wish there was something we could do to help x

  • Thanks Cathy . Being here helps a lot xx

  • Hi. I know how worried you must be but there is hope. Had my transplant in 2006 and developed lymphoma in 2013 (cause unrelated to donor). Had 8 months of chemo and now in remission. Chemo was not as bad as i had feared. I do have a few more niggles and extra clinics to attend but no major impact on lifestyle. I found the Yorkshire Cancer Centre at St James to be first class.

    Hoping for the best of outcomes for you.

  • Thanks Peter. Glad your treatment went well . You have put my mind at ease

  • I have pbc but had gastroscopy for them to see if i had varices which i dohave.also yhey found multiple stomach ulcers which ive now had treat ment for.i also had lesions on spleen and liver that they thought might be cancerous but werent.

    Try not to panic as worryimg will not help you .best wishes cazer.

  • Thanks Cazer. Thankfully your results were good. True worrying doesn't help. What will be will be ☺

  • Sending you a big hug and loads of best wishes x

  • you too Freddie x

  • You would thing they check all that before thay go ahead with tranplant hope everything comes back okay for you sorry I not more help x

  • thanks. Sending me this msg helps xx

  • thanks everyone. The biopsies didn't show up until 6 -7 weeks after my transplant. My surgeon said if they would have known anyway then they would have advised me to take the liver as i hadn't got long to live. Thanks for all your msgs of support. Means so much to me.Huge hugs to you all....sheri ❤ xx

  • Oh god, how dreadful. You must be absolutely beside yourself. I'm with everyone else in hoping that you're in the 5%! Please try to keep your chin up as best you can, I'm so sorry this has happened to you sweetheart x x

  • Thankyou hunny so much. Really appreciate it. Doing my best to keep on smiling 😊 xxx

  • JUST TO MAKE YOU SMILE... check out " All The Wrinkled Ladies " just type it in. (anitarenfroe the original ). Had me in fits at 4am when I needed a little of the best medicine ....laughter!. JUST TO MAKE YOU SMILE. love anne

  • Anne, thankyou 😀 smiling now lol xx

  • hi tiilycindy iv just watched it.its very good and funny. i was up dancing. that was so nice of you to do that for sheri44 . god bless you dear. xoxoxo ❤️

  • thanks to both of you. Glad it got you dancing 💃Grace xxx❤

  • Grace could clog dance on the head of a pin if she had a mind to. When she has a scan they can,t put the headphones and music on because she wouldn,t be able to keep still. What a sweetie ! In my thoughts sherri. x x x

  • lol. Thanks hunny xxx

  • Hi sherri, you,re not forgotten out there in cyber land !. Hope your weekend went as well as possible. In my thoughts, and I know grace is keeping you in her prayers also. anne xxxx

  • thanks Anne so sweet of you ❤ yeah Grace has been keeping me sane. Hope your well sweetheart? Xxx❤

  • Getting there, as will you. You,ve been through so much already I,m confident this is just one more blip to overcome. You have the strength. just been on a medical site about the daft things patients say to nurses. One old boy on his way to theatre to have a pacemaker fitted. "I would like one that lets me go fishing, visit my friends, but not let me mow the lawn or do house repairs" ! Take care sweet, keep us updated. anne xxxxx

  • lol. That made me giggle. I've just posted an update hunny xxx

  • Just seen it love. We must have crossed posts. I would ring sweet, you can,t suffer like that all night. Are you alone? xxx

  • i have kids 16 23 that live at home. My other daughter is 21 she has her own place with her partner & my grandson. Oh my good news... Wait for it... I'm gonna be a grandma again 😀 well a g-ma as my grandson Kade calls me. So yes a g-ma to be again. Gonna take her for a private scan this week to see how far she is xxx❤

  • As long as you,re not by yourself, I have messaged you my phone no, just for you to keep in case ever need a shoulder in wee hours. seriously, I stay on sofa all night anyway. (last time I went up to bed was, um, 5 or 6yrs ago ..... don,t ask ! ) . Fantastic news grandma!. Got no children myself, love them but cauldn,t eat a whole one! They,re great as long as I can give them back. love babysitting, the kids love me, I spoil them, let them get away with murder. and then.......give them back! That,s wonderful news grandma.. You must be so excited. Xxxx

  • Night sweet. I,ll message my mobile no also. Sweet dreams. God bless. anne x x

  • i hope that you get a sleep yourself ann.😴💤 you deserve a sleep with all your lovely support that you give. and to me also. thanks ann. xoxoxo

  • Thank you grace. when you have a moment have a look at Pachebel,s canon in D . The original version by voices of music. I think you will enjoy it. I,m going to look for a "something to make you smile " for sherri to wake up to. Bless her heart. I hope you are well grace. Night . anne x x

  • i have just listend to that music it is so very beautiful. i have subscribed to it. millions have listened to it. absolutely wonderful. thanks for that. goodnight ann. god bless you dear. xoxo🙏

  • i put that on my twitter account. xoxo

  • you two are wonderful people xxxx

  • Thanks for message sheri. " THINGS TO MAKE YOU SMILE" Grandmother was showing her granddaughter a picture of herself on a scan. The little girl turned to her mother and said "mummy, did you swallow me?". " THINGS TO MAKE YOU SMILE". X Xxx

  • hahaha xxx

  • thanks hunny. I wont ask about sleeping on the sofa then lol. Yeah i love my grandkids but often glad to give them bk after playing ninja turtles, pirates, baking, painting and this is only in 2 hrs lol xxx

  • Hope things work out for you. Just sat reading the transplant booklet as husband is about to be put on the list at st James. It does mention that this can happen -cancer cells being in your received liver -frightening but like you say the doctors are left with perhaps no option but to use the liver

  • Thanks Katherine. Hope your husband gets a liver soon and that he makes a speedy recovery from it. Please keep us posted. Oh wait till the booklet you get after transplant. It took me a good few times to process it lol. I still refer back to it. They only give you one that's all. X

  • hope your doing okay sheri still praying for you darling, im glad that you;v got family. speak soon, g- ma and congratats on the new life about to come into the world. 💋

  • Grace my sweet friend. Thankyou for prayers and friendship. You know your always in my thoughts. Hope your ok? Thankyou saw scan pic earlier It's very early yet but a cute lil dot. Lots of ❤ to you xxx❤

  • I really am naughty with other peoples children. I go to babysit and the mothers think they have done me a favour by putting them to bed before I get there. As soon as the coast is clear I wake them up so they can come down again. Midnight feasts are our favourites, it,s our little secret, sausages and jumbles!.. Grace and I are on tenterhooks, do hope you,ve heard by now sheri. Fondest wishes. anne x x

  • lol. I'm like that. Let them eat drink and play. It's all fun. 😁 as i posted before Anne. No call yet again. Gonna spk to my gp. They are excellent with me, see if they can get any answers for me. I'm sure they will do. Hope your ok sweetheart ❤ xx

  • Oh sweets, that,s not good enough not when you,re in pain and worrying. The G.P sounds the best bet then at the moment. Bless. anne Xxx

  • thanks hunny. What's annoyed me is on Thurs the doc said pls just call we are here to look after you. Really? Lol. Yeah gp tomorrow xx

  • Sheri, this is ridiculous. If you are having problems tonight then A and E. At least they can advocate on your behalf. I wish you were close to me.. I,m fuming on your behalf ! It,s strange how we get so caught up with each others issues. I was thinking earlier I wonder if we all met up , would be anything like the picture we have in our minds of each other?. I don,t think I look anything like a tilly/cindy. . A friend chose that name when she helped me set up the account . (I,m totally ignorant with computers, type with one finger, tilly/cindy are my friends cats !.) I have a fairly clear picture in my mind of how our amazing grace looks !. god bless sweets. anne x x x

  • awww that sounds nice not sure many people would agree with the amazing but i only care what my friends think. thanks ann. xoxoxo

  • i agree with amazing. All the way xxx

  • hello sweetheart. I wouldn't go to my local A&E ever. They did a wrong surgery on me in 2004 caused me to lose my bladder. They admitted it and compensated me but i would have much rather have had my health. I've spoken to my gp. They are on to it and are not happy. Mmm yeah i wonder what we all look like. My names Sheridan but always get called sheri or shez ill try upload a pic xxx

  • I Know what you mean about A and E. My Auntie Di, mums sister was rushed in to B.R.I (Bristol) had her gallbladder out, woke up fine in recovery and suddenly died on the way to the ward. Turned out should have had a nurse with her but only had a porter and died in the corridor.. They totally messed up. Glad G.P is on the case. I,m Angela marie (yuck), known as Anne marie(still yuck) settled on anne.! My old hippy friends call me" the badger". Love tillycindy ! xxxxx

  • awww that's terrible ☹ im so sorry. I'm loving the badger though ❤ xxx

  • P.S. That,s Badger as in the nocturnal, cute, black and white animal I hasten to add, not as in repeatedly and annoyingly asking someone to do something!. (not sure if I got called that because I ran a wildlife/animal sanctuary, or due to the nocturnal bit.) Xxxxx

  • That,s interesting. I wonder how your parents chose the name Sheridan, family name?. Outside of America where I gather it,s used for both girls and boys, I have only heard it here as a surname. I typed it in under "the meaning of names" out of curiosity (love things like that) and it came back as an old name with Celtic/Gaelic origins meaning " untamed" in Celtic, and " Bright" in Gaelic. I learn something new everyday, I had always thought Sheridan a modern name but it seems the origins are back in the mists of time. Our Grace speaks for itself ,one of the virtues of course , the Irish version meaning love, the English origin from the Latin Gratia, thanks or favour particularly Gods favour. How apt!. With Angela originating from (wait for it) Gods heavenly messenger or Angel, we make quite the trio don,t you think!. l.o.l. xxxxx

  • wow. Yeah the trio 😀 haha. I had no idea why they called it me but i hated it when i was younger i just wanted an Ordinary name lol. I like it now in a way. Thanks for looking it up. I've never bothered ❤ xxx

  • really? Oh that's my dream to help animals. I do rescue and home checks but that was an amazing thing you did and i adore Badgers. So cute 😍 xxx❤

  • Don,t speak to me about the wretched home checks! . I do cat rescue here, and am on call to drive the local fox rescue ambulance if required. Chain mail aprons and gauntlets, I,m the most fashion conscious person in the area....goodness only knows what the neighbours are saying...actually they don,t have to say anything.. they are thinking loud enough!.. xxxx

  • bless you. I love cats ❤ 😻 xxx

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