Please all read- RE Using medical qualifications and titles when posting or replying

Hi all,

We have noticed that some followers have been stating that they are NHS professionals and using medical qualifications when replying to posts.

It is a rule of the forum that there should be no display of any medical qualifications or titles so that it does not mislead people or cause confusion.

It is imperitive that people contact their doctor and medical team for individual advice and not adhere to medical advice from other followers.

Many thanks for your understanding,

Best wishes,

The British Liver Trust Team

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  • Thank you for the warning.

  • Have to say I hadn't noticed, but there again , I think some lay folk know more than some in the medical profession when it comes to cirrhosis any way

  • Yes, I saw that someone was saying that they were a nurse or something that works for NHS. I think those posts might have been deleted.

    I have worked in surgery in the past, and I try to help others when it comes to definitions or possible options based on what I have seen. That way people can discuss with their doctor in a knowledgeable way. But, there's a difference between sharing your experiences with others and offering medical instruction. Medical professionals and (former ones like myself) should know that. It's illegal to practice medicine without a license, even on the internet. I agree that this is a place to support others, but not a place to come and "play doctor".

    If anyone has medical experience and would like to help others in this community in appropriate ways, feel free to message me. Your comments are valuable, but sometimes its tricky to find the best way to word a post. I'd be glad to read it over before you send it out.

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