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Hello everyone sorry if I have offended anyone but I have just received a message more Or less stating everything that I am writing everyone is seeing including phone numbers?.......I don't know what I have done but won't post again I will just read what's sent to me sorry if I've offended anyone......nothing has been said to me before........Maria x

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  • I enjoyed speaking to folk but clearly I've been told that I'm not doing it properly if it wasn't this site I would not have made an appointment with my doctor, there's been so many folk helped me I don't understand?........Maria x

  • Hi Maria. Just to say that I have never seen any telephone numbers in your postings. And please continue posting - yours is just as important as the next person's.

  • Are you OK Maria. I haven't seen any phone numbers? Please reply

  • I received a private message from tree frog saying that I had phone numbers on my post and shouldn't have. I di apologise as this site has helped me so much.....Maria

  • everyone makes a slip on this post. keep posting and don't do it anymore it is just that simple . everyone cares about you maria you are sweet.


  • Hi Maria, I can't see anything where you have posted anything wrong or offended anyone.

    You're in a fragile place just now with your health and you've only reached out for help and advice and we've all done that. Ok you got a public message from BLT advising you (and others asking about specific blood test results) that you should get further info from your doctors as none of us are medics and with differences in laboratory ranges across the UK & indeed world then none of us are qualified to give possible diagnosis from blood results. I don't know what you've had regarding phone numbers - I don't think i've seen you post a phone number although others on one of your threads has offered a phone number publically. It isn't good practise to share a phone number or personal email address publically because it can lead to abuse, unwanted calls, spam emails etc. and any advice regarding phone numbers would be just that ..... advice to keep you safe.

    Don't stop posting, the site is here for the sharing of knowledge and support so don't drift off and when you need to post do so. We all need help and advice and a space to 'vent' from time to time so please stay aboard.

    Wishing you all the best and hopefully you get some progress with the treatment options etc.

    Katie x

  • Thanks it was a private message from tree frog saying that I had phone numbers in my posts this site has helped me so much I apologise if I have offended anyone.....Maria x

  • Maria, I've not read anything in your posts that could cause offence , I hope your appointment goes well 😊

  • Thanks for taking the time to get back to me as I have stated it was all my fault but all forgotten now I private messaged Treefrog to let him\her I was sorry and I'm sorry if I have offended anyone else who is in a worse state than me....... Maria x

  • I have seen no phone numbers. Don't quit posting or using the site as you need. We like having you around. I have niticed some odd things with the web site here, it can do some funky stuff. You apologized openly to all. Good enough. Take care.

  • if they are not a site moderator tell them to do one they are the only ones that can tell you that you are doing something wrong on the site and if you have done something wrong they will tell you.

    Ignore them and keep talking we all help each other here

  • Hi Maria it's Ian here , first it wasn't you that posted a phone number! , and secondly you have certainly posted nothing offensive that I can see so please don't let one wayward message make you leave the site. Remember that you are here to try and get help for yourself and help others where you can.So please just make sure you keep your appointment and keep on posting. A friend Ianx

  • Thanks Ian will do .......Maria

  • Hi Maria, like everyone else has said, don;t quit the forum, keep on posting, do not let one private message put you off, is it possible the sender was trying to be helpful but hasn't worded his/her message well? I certainly haven't seen anything wrong with you post and I haven't even noticed any phone numbers being posted to you apart from the hep c trust helpline number (which i do hope you;ve managed to call, those guys helped me so much when I had to come to terms with hep c and was terrified of doing treatment..which i have now completed)

    This forum is here to help people, support and share info...please stick around, and also remember so many of us have been at the same place you are now

  • Hi Maria, Please don't leave because of one person, when there are so many lovely people

    on this site who want to help you. Good luck with your appointment

  • Maria. Keep on posting. You haven't done anything wrong. Xx❤

  • yep, i agree with everyone else; keep posting x

  • You have not offended me. You can send me a private message if you like, and I will see if I can help. You don't need to stop posting. Please don't.

  • ah I get it now...treefrog12 WAS just being helpful probably because you've posted about not telling anyone about your hep c status and they were merely trying to point out the difference between making a post and it being public or making it so only members of this forum can read it...i thought as much, they were merely trying to be helpful....I thought it was unusual on a forum such as this were we're all in the same boat for anyone to send unpleasant private messages, people on here seem to be nothing other then supportive for each other. For everyone communicating via text/forums its wise to remember that without the help of 'tone of voice' things can easily get misunderstood. I do hope treefrog12 isn't feeling upset or unwelcome on here due to this misunderstanding being publicly aired.

  • Thanks for your help I will get back to him and apologise.......Maria x

  • i trust everyone is ok here, it seems a possible misunderstanding and heightened sensitivities are at play, and dont we all know these two situations!!

    We are all here to help each other, no one holds anything against anyone, we all have our little (and not so little) crises to deal with, and sharing them is part of the reason d'etre of this wholesome site.

    Maria03 and Treefrog, no one is suggesting either of you are at any fault, for the sake of the group, please do not take any offence, we are all here for each other, regardless of what anyone may say in posts, and it is clear no one has said anything controversial here anyway.....

    may you both get through the health challenges you face, and not just you two, but all of us!

    Love this group for the support and help and advice. x

  • Its an internet forum, there are always going to be things like this, and people being mis understood and some people who aren't equipped with the right 'life skills' to be on here.

    I've never seen your number come up, can we get back on with being ill now??

  • I have already apologised what else do I need to do??

    Maria x

  • Maria, it's all ok. You don't need to do anything further. Put it all behind you, it has been a misunderstanding and that's all. :)

    Keep posting and be happy. We'll all be happy when we hear of your progress as regards doctors.

    Lots of love to you, Katie xx

  • Thanks again was all just a misunderstanding I will have to change my profile and that's what Treefrog was just trying to tell me so sorry to everyone I have offended but now I know....... Maria x

  • I wonder if I'm not alone in asking my partner to read through any long or complicated post ? It is a sensible thing to do if you do worry about saying the 'right thing'


  • Jim, I often ask tony to help me with long posts, in case I'm not understanding it correctly!

    Especially now with the HE, I find myself rereading things over and over.

    I hope neither Maria or tree frog leave the forum. I think it should be chalked up to miscommunication and misunderstanding, and then dropped. Sometimes that's the best thing. Continuing on becomes like Alice down the rabbit hole!

    Cheering you on!



  • hey Maria,it's all good.Keep on posting and get better.

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