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As you are aware I have been on this forum for a few weeks now,reading many posts and finding things out.I am at the stage do I don't I go to the doctors and ask him to send me to a specialist.I know iv'e been years ago but put the leaflets they gave me in the bin.I am finding out more and now I know I need to ask my doctor to send me back to the hospital.Without going into anymore of what I thought was problems till I started on this forum could someone tell me what fatty liver means can you see it in your toilet?.............sorry if this sounds so pathetic

Maria x

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  • Ask away Maria, don't feel daft about any questions. Fatty liver is a change within the liver where fat deposits build up and over time they change the texture of the liver and can lead to fibrosis and eventually cirrhosis. There are two types of fatty change one due to alcohol (alcoholic fatty liver disease) and NAFLD (non-alcohol related fatty liver disease).

    No you can't see this in the toilet BUT if you do have changes in your stool it can be a sign of liver disease - pale clay coloured stools can indicate bile blockage issues (bile salts are partly responsible for the normal brown colour of poo). Black or tarry stools can be indicative of blood in the stool from internal bleeding somewhere in the gastrointestinal tract. Both would need to be brought to the attention of doctors.

    As regards your future treatment, yep we know you threw away the leaflets years ago but if you want to help yourself now and perhaps get the treatment for your Hep C and go onto the files of someone who can monitor your liver health going forward then YES it is time to request a referral to see a specialist. Your untreated Hep C is only going to keep damaging your liver and eventually it will come to a point where too much is damaged and you'll be in liver failure. If you seek the help now they might get you onto one of the treatment programmes and prolong the life of your current liver - they'll also then monitor you in case you need onward referral to a transplant clinic.

    Push for the treatment you want, the last thing you want is for you to realise too late that you really should have gotten help.

    All the best to you, Katie x

  • Hi Maria, I've been thinking about your post and Katie's reply, please go and see about treatment for your hep c , my husband recently cleared the virus , they reckon he had it for over 40 years before it was diagnosed , but the damage was done , he now has cirrohsis you don't want that so make an appointment eh 😊 Much love x

  • Hey Blue Bells your right I don't want to make the appointment, I'm thinking and can't stop thinking how everything is going to be affected. Myself, My job no one knows about it I have a daughter of 20 not going through a good time just now with her maybe her or my age so reading thing's in this forum has put thing's into a different perspective. Thanks for listening and taking time to message you......Maria x

  • Maria, message me anytime 😊 X

  • Thank You 😊 x

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