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Finally, It's Going My Way


With my husband's new job stress has evaporated in this household, which means that cutting back on the booze again has been far easier - although I still need my husband to monitor me on account of never being able to stop consuming something I enjoy (this includes cranberry juice, jelly babies, certain Chinese teas and roast chicken). It's also the second anniversary of the day I was given just six months to live, which has been spurring me on to watch my intake. I'm currently storing a little bit of fluid because I dehydrate so easily in this heat (I have CKD, which doesn't help - it doesn't matter what I do or how much water I drink) but the tummy is now mostly food weight and I'm looking forward to the current CKD flare calming down so that my body begins to let go of fluid properly again. It's something that will always come and go, for me, and I'm lucky that it's not worse than it is (Naproxen was blamed at the time of diagnosis, but in truth I don't think we'll ever know - I could have been born with it).

Since I can only post one photograph, I've chosen to show you the me *now*, rather than the me then, which is basically quite depressing - but would have served to show just how very far I've come. I hope everybody here has some positive news of their own this week - wishing you all well.

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Well done Gemma, realla happy for you hun. Stay strong, You and Dom are great people and its good to see you so well now :) x


I think you saw the "before" photo the other day, didn't you? The only pretty thing about it was my Doctor Who hat. I looked (and felt) about 20 years older than I actually am! As much as I may have slipped up along the path to health, I will never, ever allow it to go that far again.

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I did see that pic, and I'll be honest, I know how you felt. 12 years ago back at the tail end of 2004, I was admitted to Queen Mary's in Sidcup with stomach cramps, jaundice and some kind of liver problem.

I spent 3 weeks in there, and I too felt older than I was. Not a great feeling at all. It turned out to be Hepatitis and I eventually got the all clear. But it was that time in QM and my release into the freezing cold December air which gave me pneumonia and I think contributed to my current lung problems - but that's another story!

Hey! That's just brilliant! So pleased for you. People will read your post and be uplifted and inspired ❤

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Thank you White-feather, I appreciate your taking the time to respond. I really do feel quite well these days - even more so now that I'm learning to knock the booze on the head again. I'd rather fill up on good food than cheap plonk, and I like to think it shows! :)

White-feather in reply to Hidden

And it WILL show! Brilliant! Keep going and believe in yourself. Take care honey! ❤

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