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mum has sclerosis which is caused by antibodies in her blood she never been a drinker her ascites is now being drained every 7 to 9 days average 7 litres a time shes been told shes not well enough for transplant nor tips shes been waiting for alpha pump for months now which wont cure anything her liver was too far gone for treatment when she was diagnosed how long can a person survive without anything and will the time between drains keep getting less she cant cope with much more

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I'm sorry but your mum does sound very poorly. I don't think anyone would want to comment on how long she could survive. So I think those questions are best answered by the professionals who are looking after her.

Good luck.


Dear Nannyduck,

I agree that you must question your mum's consultant about the prognosis...

This is such a difficult time for you and your family - I pray that you are given some comfort and guidance from your mum's team.

I would strongly advise that you do sit down with the consultant and ask for a clear care plan and a prognosis. You can email the consultants secretary who can arrange a meeting - or if you're visiting on a ward then the Manager there can arrange the meeting for you.



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