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High Alt 232 and ggt 177

My liver enzymes above have been running high since March .... Had an ultrasound and the liver came back normal ( I don't drink gave it up to years ago when I broke my hip and had to take pain pills) the Gastro has me scheduled for an MRI with and without contrast using EOVIST IV.... has anyone had an MRI with it ? Did it make you sick ?

I also had new blood work taken on Monday and I'm waiting for the results... hoping the liver enzymes will be better this time .... The only thing new that the ultrasound showed was a small cyst on my pancreas 8 mm in diameter and gallbladder stones .....I guess the MRI will tell us more about that too ... So I have more than one thing going on .... anyone have any words of wisdom from past experience ? I feel like I'm going in more than one direction without any answers yet!

Thank you so much .


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Hi. I have had a couple of MRS scans with contrast but cannot be sure it was the same contrast you are scheduled for. The contrast I had gave me a warm flush feeling for a second or two. It did not make me feel sick. From my experience the only problems I could envisage would be for those with a fear of needles or enclosed spaces (none of which affect me). Good luck. My guess is that you will tolerate the procedure without any problems.

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I had had quite a few , I just get the warm feeling for a few seconds(,they warned me that i would feel like I had wet my pants )..I have had no reaction to the dye at all, and I am stage 4 cirrhosis and it didnt cause any stress on the liver either .good luck

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