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Can anybody help interpret these results?


I'm new here, just looking for a bit of help with lab results. A bit of background- I'm in my early 40s, female, hyperthyroid on carbimazole, drink 2-3 bottles of wine per week on average.

I had blood tests done at a hospital clinic a few days ago, they said to ring my GP for results. Receptionist said everything was satisfactory. Then today at my Thyroid clinic appointment, the doctor commented that my liver results were a bit high but nothing to be concerned about. He said it's probably mild fatty liver or caused by being hyperthyroid.

I rang my GP surgery again and the Receptionist read out the following to me. She is going to ask GP to check again and call me if necessary.

Bilirubin. 7

AST. 15

GGT. 21

Albumin. 42

ALP. 114 (I'm assuming this one was ALP, she actually said ACP but I think she misread it?).

I'm now panicking that I've damaged myself through wine! Going on holiday soon, don't want this hanging over me, and was also looking forward to a few drinks by the pool. Situation not helped by an overactive thyroid on the rise.

Thanks, sorry it's so long.


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GGT levels are normal so highly unlikely anything alcohol related...having said that 3 bottles of wine a week is twice the recommended new limit of 14 units so I would suggest reducing to the new limit and have a few days dry per week.


Thanks for replying. Yes, you are right 3 bottles is too much, thankfully it's often only 2. I looked up the reference range for ALP and the upper limit is 120, so I'm now wondering if the high enzyme is ALT? Would that be worse?! Thyroid doctor said the high result was about 100, and would normally be 50.


no problem-actually there are more qualified people on this site who know more about other enzymes...I know a bit about GGT but that's not an issue for you. It's when you get combinations of elevated enzymes that seems to cause problems. Cant comment specifically on ALT. Thyroid issues are are another thing altogether-not sure if there's a link?


another thing-go and get a copy of the results....they're yours to peruse...


I will try, there's been a bit of confusion at my GP reception over them. I will try again next week. The endo I see isn't very communicative, I don't think he was even going to mention it until I asked. I've worked myself into a bit of a state about it all, to be honest. Hopefully somebody who knows a bit about ALT being elevated in isolation will be along with some info.


Just giving this a bit of a bump in case anybody knows a bit about ALT.

Yes, Briccolone, apparently being hyperthyroid can affect liver enzymes. I had no idea until my endo mentioned it.


My lab has 10-50 iu/L as the normal range for ALT. And 30-130 iu/l for ALP. So without knowing which enzyme result the receptionist was reading out you could either be in normal range or slightly out of normal.

Thats why receptionists should not give out results over the phone! Best to see your GP to clarify.

Your GGT is OK, as are all the other readings.

However - you are drinking over the recommended limits which it sounds like your liver is 'compensating' for or coping with at the moment. That does not mean it will continue to cope or compensate. It's already having to process the meds you take for thyroid on top of the bottles of wine, They call liver disease the silent killer for good reason. Often you dont know how much damage you have done til its too late and you are really sick. You only have one liver, it performs over 500 functions for you Treat it kindly. Give it TLC.

There are no health benefits to alcohol. It might make you feel better mentally, but as well as the toxins your liver has to process its full of sugar (not good for weight, fatty liver or diabetes), its drains your £££££, and now there are links to cancer too.


Bit of an update, I went to the GP this morning. He said on the results he had on his screen, it was ALP that was elevated at 114 when the high end of the range was 105. He said he wasn't concerned about this. I asked about ALT and he said it looked like they'd only measured AST which was normal, as were all other results. I asked if AST was near 100 would it be of concern, he said not really because being hyperthyroid will interfere with LFTs and even if I wasn't hyperthyroid, AST at 100 would be a mild elevaton in the context of everything else being normal. He said if anything comes back from the hospital saying different, they will let me know.


Sorry, AST should say ALT in the last part. That was what I asked him about, not AST


Sounds like your liver is ok at the moment then. However the advice still stands about cutting down or cutting out alcohol unless you dont mind living with the thought that you might panic again!

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I'll definitely be cutting down, not worth the worry. I'm now feeling a bit paranoid wondering what the endo was referring to! Is it normal for LFTs not to have ALT included? I wonder if the endo's screen st the hospital showed something different to what was sent electronically to my GP? Novice with this routine!


Some hospitals do ALT and some AST. I'm not sure of the difference, but whatever it sounds like your liver enzymes are not sky high, we have people who have an ALT of 6,000 in the past, very ill obviously, but your level is minimal compared to that.

If you stay off the drink for a bit and give your liver lots of TLC including a healthy diet (low sugar, low saturated fat if you can) then it should revert to 100% normal readings.

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