I have already posted said I have Hep C and went for blood it came back a raised liver told to go back in 8 week's for another blood test don't know why or what all these tests and numbers mean as I said found out about 8 years ago sent home with leaflets so I never went back.Now time is coming for my next blood test I just wonder if my doctor will explain results sorry for complaining folk alot worse than me I keep goggling and I'm frightened what I'm reading and I'm 52 lol 😁 acting like a kid but everything I'm reading is driving me nuts causing trouble in house and I don't want to go to work just sleep but when I wake up I start thinking again

Maria x

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  • Hi Maria, frequent blood tests are part of the package with hep c, I can't recall if you knew your geno type, but if you're being seen with a view to being treated the blood tests will be to confirm your geno type and sub type (I'm type 1a) to see which treatment will be more effective to clear the virus and also to keep a check on your viral load which will get monitored throughout treatment to see how effective it is and to monitor your pcr/viral load going down and your lfts (liver function) getting into a better range. It's all very daunting and you're bound to feel anxious. Raised lft levels are part of this virus, I had them for most of my life but it wasn't until I was in my 40's that I got diagnosed with hep c

    My mistake number 1 when i very first got diagnosed was to go onto google...yikes, theres a lot of duff information out there, never be affraid to post on sites such as this & other hep c forums out there, theres so many people going through & getting through this, also the hep c trust are excellent for advice re tests, treatment, emotions & effect of living with with hep c etc

  • hello that's what I'm doing going on to google as I said I don't know any type's numbers just gave leaflets years ago I'm now 52 another 2 weeks and I have to give the doctor more blood 😞 thanks again

    Maria x

  • here's the hep c trust helpline which is open on weekdays 0845 223 4424 which is ran by people who have all been through hep c & the website is hepctrust.org.uk they also have a facebook page. Try not to get too worried about blood tests, you get used to them. like I said they need to find out your geno type and subtype to work out which treatment option to use and they also routinly check for hep b & hiv. Forums are better then reading google, its always best to hear from people who have been through the same or are at the same stage as you, theres hepcukforum.org that springs to mind, but if you do a search for 'hep c forum' you'll find a few

  • Evening

    Hep-c is a virus that attacks the Liver. The virus doesnt give any symptoms and it attacks the Liver until its too damaged for the person to live. The Liver doesnt have any nerves so it doesnt feel pain, it cant let you know its got a problem until it starts to fail. So the virus nibbles away at the Liver over many years.

    Usually it takes 20-40 years for the Liver to fail from Hep-c. You need to have a think about when you first got it. If the damage isnt too bad then you can get treatment and maybe able to fully recover. You maybe able to live a normal life span with a little un progressive scarring. You could also have Cirrhosis, not trying to scare you, but determining Liver damage is not so easy. It cant be done from the bloods alone, you will need scans to check the Liver too.

    The people whop are really sick get the best results by being proactive and managing their condition. Get copy's of your bloods and post them, we can guide you with they mean and they are fairly easy after a while. You could also eat a Liver friendly diet . If you are over weight you need to lose it and some healthy exercise will help.

  • ouch ralph, if you don't mind me saying that sounds a bit overly alarming!! One point i will also make is sometimes people do feel their liver grumble when its inflammed due to dealing with the virus. Also, to Marie, the liver is the one organ in our bodies than can self heal, and these new treatments are showing that liver damage in some people is reversing, please do not let fear of test results put you off getting them done, I did & buried my head out of fear but it doesn't help or solve anything, the only thing that'll help you & your liver is to get rid of the virus which is very doable these days ;)

  • The Liver doesn't have nerves, how ever the glisons capsule that surrounds the Liver does have nerves. It usually takes quite a bit of inflammation to cause actual Liver pain. Thats why Hep-c is such a silent killer, its so low level.

    A liver will not recover from Cirrhosis. How ever if the virus can be killed before it gets to F3/F4 Fibrosis then it can heal back to normal!

    Hep-c is a very serious condition, you cant leave it unchecked, it needs serious attention. I dont think im being alarming, im telling the truth. Sometimes you can be too cavalier and the information isn't taken in properly.

  • no one is saying to let it go unchecked, but from personal experience I can fully understand the test fear, I think I've even posted about it in here myself before!, the important thing is it treat the virus, yes...here's a positive example I saw about a month or so ago on here in regards to liver health post 'new treatment/cure healthunlocked.com/britishl...

  • Hello Tess I just hope I don't need to go to the hospital I can't afford to take time off of my work as I don't get paid I know my health should come first but I am just a worrier

    Thanks Maria

  • if you go on treatment you'll only need to go every 2 weeks at first (for the 1st month) then once a month until the treatments over, in my experience it's very quick, I have a quick chat with my nurse, get my bloods done then pick up my medication, I'm usually out of there in 20 mins, I think some hospitals can fit your appointments around your life commitments, The sooner you get rid of the virus the less chance you'll get sick enough to need to have to stay in a hospital due to the complications that hep c can create if left to run riot. I think everyone who is told they're hep c + worries about it, thing is about worry is it solves nothing, 12 or 24 weeks of pill taking and theres a high chance that hep c will just be something in your past ;)

  • Hey thanks for your comment as I have to go to the doctors in a fortnight for a second load of blood to see if anything has changed I don't really want to start going to hospitals but if need be I will have to go :(..............

    Thanks Maria

  • me the same Mario ,I went to have a bood test ,and I was 2000 when it should be about 40 ,the doctor said I have liver cirrhosis,then I had a nother test ,he said my liver was working ,ihave been waiting for a scan ,and went last Thursday ,I asked the lady if my liver looked ok she said it was fine ,then I get a letter yesterday to see the doctor at the hospital which dosent look good ,one minute they tell me im ok next ,they say the opposite ,its like on day they tell you are fine next 2 weeks your going to die it is worrying mike

  • Maria they are cracking on to try and eradicate Hep C completely now..there is treatments out there tailored to suit most Genotypes that are very successful in clearing the virus for good.

    I have had Hep C for 26yrs and have been treated with Harvoni I'm now awaiting my 3mth post treatment blood test to see if it's now cured for good..it's easy for me to say don't worry but I honestly think you will be treated and hopefully achieve a svr like most people treated with the new drugs..let's hope hep C now becomes a thing of the past for everyone that still has the virus.

  • I am worried that the treatment will make me sick and I have to take time off of my work I know my health should come first but I don't get paid if I'm off and wondered if the side effects Are bad heard many horror stories

    Thanks Maria x

  • It depends on what treatment you are offered Maria. .Most treatments are now based on what genotype you have and if you have cirrhosis or not..I was offered Harvoni based on my genotype 4 as well as me having cirrhosis. .as for side effects the new treatments are good with very little side effects although I must say I am suffering from very painful joints that did start when I was on Harvoni!

    It depends on what combination you are offered but it is possible to continue working while on treatment if all goes well. .I hope you go on to cure your Hep C and at least this chapter of your life will be over leaving you free to start living again Xx

  • oh no 😞 another thing to worry about my knees have been killing me and I am so tired 😫 all the time I know I haven't went back to hospital but 2 weeks for my other blood test then a week waiting. I honestly think I'm going mad


    Maria x

  • It can be stressful waiting for bloods and appointments but I'm sure you will at least start the journey of getting rid of this virus and after treatment you will start to slowly feel better..hope all goes well at your appointment. Xx

  • Its very likely you will live a long life. I found out at your age but I got it at age 21. Today I am 64 but I live in liver failure. Still I swim, cycle 40 miles, hike, do aerobics for hours every week. My last treatment was 2 years ago, finally the virus died. I did interferon ribavarin at your age for a year but it did not kill my virus. It was 1b. A early hard strain. Now I have been living two years with liver cancer. Take the best care of your liver and your mental health that you can and you will likely be an old woman one day.

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