Feeling overwhelmed and sad

Just about to take a deep breath and organise myself to go and visit my husband who is back in hospital with HE....it's so sad and distressing to see someone you love suffer like this and I'm just at a loss and feeling pretty sorry for myself and our immediate family ....the only option was a transplant but a recent stroke will rule this out .....whilst there was no option for my husband at the time he had the TIPPS procedure I wish we had known more about HE ........

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  • Dear Blue-Bells,

    I hope your husband feels better soon.... Sending my prayers to you both. When you see the doctors, ask them anything you want to know. Sometimes, I write down points I want to query regarding my treatment and the Consultant is always so kind and patient and explains everything very well. (My husband is also really stressed but with his work and our children's responsibilities, I always make my own way to appointments, whether locally, or at Addenbrookes...)

    With the NHS making huge advances, I am sure he will be feeling better soon. Take care of yourself too, as I know this must be all so distressing and stressful for you...and having to keep everything going and staying strong becomes difficult. I want to just say we will support you and be here to listen if you ever want to talk. XX

  • Thank you for your kind reply , I have asked to meet with consultant x

  • I know how distressing this can be as my partner suffers from bouts of HE too. It's the not knowing what state they're going to be in from one visit to the next. It really does put us partners under extreme stress & upset but as I have posted before it could be worse. It could be us in the hospital . Stay strong & remember you're not in this situation alone. xx

  • Thanks fur your kind response...it is the not knowing , I have asked to meet with consultant x

  • I am really sorry you and your family must witness his HE. I fear it happening to me. You certainly are not feeling sorry for yourself, this is a huge burden for all but it must be faced. I think if I had HE I would want a lot of love and affection, peace and quiet. I hope he stabalizes and the HE disappears. Bless you. Good luck.

  • Thank you for your kind words and I hope you don't have to experience HE , best wishes x

  • Hi bluebells I suffer with He on a regular basis I forget who my husband is sometimes a good thing lol but that is the way we deal with it with a sense of humour it's what keeps me going if I got upset about it I would be constantly depressed. Like your husband I only started suffering with it after a tipps procedure and I too had a stroke last year but it hasn't stopped them from putting me on transplant list so don't give up. My mates and husband just constantly asking me you had your medication and lactose and that's all you can do. have hope as well as long as a road it is and a hard one sending my best wishes to you. (they told my husband to stop taking me to hospital I was in that much and basically just pour a bottle of lactose down my throat through the day)

  • Thanks you for your reply, I'm so happy for you that you are on the transplant list and that has given me hope.....I have asked to meet with the consultant and I will do what I can to push for a further assessment....I don't know if narrowing the stent would make a difference but I will try and find out. In the meantime take care and I hope you get your call soon xx

  • Thanks for getting back to me , your response has given me some hope , my husbands HE seems to be improving , he has an infection so on antibiotics now , I also hope you feel a bit better and that you get your call soon x

  • Glad your feeling better and your husband got help he needed. You just need to push for an assessment now then you will be on the final stretch of this awful disease x

  • i just want to say that my prayers are with you both and that it is lovely that you care for your husband so much and that he has you. i know how terrible it is to see a love ones health decline as im 65 and have lost a few people im my time. it hard to put on a brave face for their sake but someone with as much love as you have can do it. god bless you dear for all the love you have in your heart,🙏❤️

  • Grace, thank you for your kind words and prayers , much needed and appreciated x

  • We're all with you 🍀

  • Thank you x

  • I'm so sorry things are hard for you right now! It must be difficult to navigate your life and care for someone you love!

    I think our careers are wonderful! You sacrifice so much!

    I myself am looking at a Tipps right now, possibly, or straight to second transplant. The HE really cares me, it always has, even before when I had massive ascites.

    I'm thinking of you, and hoping your husband feels better, and more like himself soon!

    Remember to take time for you also, so you don't get burned out!

    I think I can speak for most of us when I say we would be in serious trouble if it were not for partners, mums and dads, and careers in general.

    Cheering you on!



  • Kimberley , thanks for your support, I also hope your situation gets better xx

  • Dear Blue-bells,

    Having gone over my notes regarding stroke and transplant - the only time that they have said that a stroke would cause them not to be able to transplant is if the portal vein is blocked by a stroke. Saying that they have then said it also depends on the way the blockage is as sometimes if it's in a certain part it can still be done...

    I do hope and pray that your meeting with the consultant brings a good outcome Hun...

    Lots of love,


  • Thanks , that's really interesting will add to my notes and will let you know outcome of meeting, thanks for your reply xx

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