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Blood in urine

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice please! I had a liver transplant 3 years ago, everything went well and I'm feeling great. Over the last few months I have developed hypertension which is not responding to any medication. As a result I have moderate kidney damage. Over the last week I have blood in my urine, there's no pain at all and came as a complete shock! I take Prograf, Mycophenolate, aspirin and Doxazosin (8 mg) for blood pressure. Is anyone else experiencing a similar thing? I had a transplant due to PBC and worried it maybe making a return, thanks for reading it and hope your all well.

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You should call the transplant coordinator or GP. Sorry I have no idea about PBC but if you have blood in your urine then call the GP or coordinator at the first instance especially that you already are having problems with hypertension.

Good luck.


Hi sorry I also know nothing of pbc but blood in urine should definitely be checked, sorry couldn't be of more help wishing you well and let us know how things go. Annette


I think it's unrelated but check with transplant coordinator or gp. There's an add on the TV at the moment about blood in your pee. They say you should always grt checked out.


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