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hi can someone please tell me what all these numbers mean platelet 63, INR1.2 , àlbumin 41, AFP 5, bilirubin 49, alkaline phosphatase 162, AST404, I have hep c and slight cirrhosis . I haven't got a clue what it means but I was told my liver is quite swollen and I get a lot of pain , I'm trying to give up alcahol at the moment but I'm finding it a bit of a struggle but im determined to do it . love x

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  • Try not to panic......I'm sure someone with more knowledge than myself will be along shortly.

    this is a good link which explains in detail. Best wishes.


  • I suggest trying Sandra dees link. I bookmarked it when I found it as I find it so useful. I'm always referring back to it ☺

    Hope you get on OK!

    X x

  • Evening

    Your AST is a measure of a Liver enzyme that means you Liver is inflamed, this is also called Hepatitis The normal range is around 10-40, so you can see your tests is 10x normal.

    The Platelets are a little worrying, normal is 150-400, this means you have thin blood. Platelets are getting damaged due to your scarred Liver usually end up caught in your spleen which then means Platelets in your blood stream remain low.

    Bilirubin is an indicator of well your Liver is functioning, 49 is high meaning its struggling with its task of clearing the Bilirubin, when its high people turn yellow.

    ALP 162 is another enzyme found in the Liver, in the bile ducts. So the tests mean your whole Liver is swollen with AST being high along side it.

    Albumin is another measure of a Liver function and 41 is just in range.

    INR is your blood clotting time 1.2 is ok ish I think.

    AFP , over 5 is bad, so you are looking ok on that, its basically a test for Cancer.

    Your Hepatitis C is probably not solely responsible for you high AST and ALP, the alcohol is playing a part here too I think. I believe you have Alcoholic Hepatitis on top of Cirrhosis of the Liver caused by Hepatitis C virus , your Liver has been badly damaged by 2 different types of damage.

    The above numbers indicate advanced disease, not slight, although it will be difficult to assert how much is the scarring and how much is the Hepatitis c aswel as Alcohol the mix.

    You must give up alcohol, you may well be able to recover some lost ground for your Liver, the enzymes should start to go down and some healing can take place. If you are physically addicted to drink you may need medical supervision to stop, it can be life threatening to suddenly stop.

    Sorry to give you bad news, but it sounds like the doctor has informed you that there is damage. You do need to see a Liver doctor as soon as you can, if you arent already.

  • Your platelet count is very low. Mine is too, it can bounce between 18-70. Your platelets are being thrown into your spleen. They are meant to be in the liver. They cause blood to clt so we do not bleed to death. I almost did once from bursted varcies. I just gather the facts of my disease then go on and live with it. Fear really is the problem in keeping one's head clear. Please do not be afraid. Just talk to your doctor. I wear a road i.d. When I cycle that would allert anyone to my having low platelets.

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