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Blood results

Hello lovely people 😘😘😘😘

I have tried to be good and not worry or 'diagnose' Rob myself but having read a few things about GGT results - I thought I would run Robs latest blood results by you as I am confused !!!!!! He was in hospital with ? Sepsis - biliary ??? And on his Discharge Letter these had been added on ????

ALP 127 - ALT 152 - BIL 28 and GGT 394 !!!!!!! He has had liver transplant May 2014 but still has HCV - can anyone comment ?? I don't know where my 'liver knowledge' has gone but I am concerned 😔😔😔😔😔😔

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When did he have similar tests done and how do the results compare with previous?

His HCV will still be active and will have had 16 months now of attacking the new liver so it may relate to that, but I think the first thing to do is look at previous results and see how they are doing over time, ie have they been stable and suddenly elevated or have they been climbing slowly over a while.


These readings might be due to the Hep c virus being active..will he be treated to stop any further problems? husband was treated a year after his liver transplant and got rid of the virus..just before being treated his liver function tests were showing that the virus was active and starting to cause damage so they treated him and he now is doing great. .I would ask if they will be treating the Hep c to prevent any further damage to his new liver!

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