When have chronic hep c with genotype 1a

Seeing a hemotoligst all of suden he now ordered a fibroscan after getting my lab results also wants to start treament ! But my visit with acted like it was expensive I have no insurance but soon as he got my lab results back now he's wanting to do test should I be concerned

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  • Staceystacey I have Hep C with genotype 1A. Had it for 42 years. I also have appointment next week. It was announced about two days ago that HCV treatment is now being funded by the NHS.

    The fibroscan is to check for Fibrosis (not as serious as Cirrhosis. The test only takes a few minutes. Hope it all goes well.

  • Thank you so much !! Do you know if your palms or red and your stomach blows up what do you think could be happening ?

  • Listen to Bolly Staceystacey, I do. She knows it all. I am only in a position to guess. My previous response was for the UK. Best wishes.

  • Hello im sorry but have another (? ) can you get social security disability for having this disease( chronic hepatitis C)?

  • Expense wise - 1000.00 per pill in the USA.

  • its 535. here in the UK. per pill. I'm just finishing the treatment now

  • Can the doctor tell if you have cirrhous by a fobroscan?

  • It sounds like you are in the USA Stacey. In the UK we don't, generally, have insurance to fund treatments. A Fibroscan measures the stiffness of your liver not the level of scar tissue, but it will give your medics a guide to the health or otherwise of your liver without needing a biopsy. As someone in the UK I don't know the guidelines for starting treatment in the U.S.

  • Thank you

  • Im covered 100% inFrance staceystacey!

  • Is that how france does it?

  • Hi Stacey, Not 100% for all health conditions, depends how serious it is, i.e. Life threatening or associated with. So Depending on condition and meds prescribed, it ranges from 35-70%, if not covered 100%, the balance of cost being paid for either personally or by a 'Mutuelle' insurance policy which has to be paid for, depending on age, circumstances and/ or income.

    Cancer treatment , heart problems are the major two. But then other serious conditions come into it, depending on which type of consultant you need to see what tests you need or meds you take! Its the MD or specialist who classifies us according to Govt Health system guidelines The french healthcare system is more complicated than the NHS in UK, but here our waiting lists are shorter, tests and results done and given much quicker.

    Medically there seems to be no difference between the UK/France for tests done. Hope that helps and that I've got all the facts completely right.

  • Dear StaceyStacey,

    As the medical sysems in the UK and US are so different I can't comment on the cost of treatment but I am sure that the American Liver Foundation Helpline 1-800-465-4837 will be able to advise you.

    Good luck with your treatment and all the best,

  • thank you so much

  • last time I checked.. and I'm an American living in the UK now, the equivalent is 729.00 per pill. Its a 12 week course. I'm genome type A, with Hep C over 20 years. And after one month, there is no Hep showing in my system anymore. No side effects either! It's awesome! :) I'm so grateful for it! I'm in my last 2 weeks now.

    Good luck.


  • After 42 years I finally did a treatment that killed my Hep C. I am like you, one of the two geneo types hardest to kill. I am in the U.S. Happy to answer any questions.

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