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Update on hubby again

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Well he is still in kings and i must say i have changed my opinion of them,he was supposed to come home on thursday he had completed the assessment and had a drain put on and then went down hill from there he has H/E and has got an infection from the drain since then he has had a nurse with him all the time not aloud out of bed or even to sit up so he is being looked after really well.

Don't really have much information about the out come of th assessment but we do know they found a small cancer cell on his liver and that it is highly likely he will go on the transplant list,keeping every thing crossed,when he is stable he will most likly be transferred back to our local hospital,he has now been in hospital 5 weeks.

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Glad to hear things at Kings are better. If I remember correctly that episode was over the "dreaded weekend admission". Hopefully he will be listed and not wait too long.

Good Luck

Dear Treamber,

Are they not going to do anything with the tumour?

I do hope and pray that they list/transplant quickly...


My husband had his transplant at King's and we were impressed with his quality of care,complications were taken care of and he was not pushed out of the hospital. They kept him until he was ready to keave. He was readmitted quickly when he experienced rejection snd then sepsis, no fooling around

Fingers crossed for you both that he gets his transplant soon. Keep strong and keep positive. X

Hi treamber

Glad they are looking after your husband well, did they not say if it is a sense of urgency to transplant sooner, because of cancer cell. Annette !!

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treamber in reply to angse

They where in the process of giving us the information when he became very poorly, he is getting better but his memory is not that good when he was able to communicate with us he had no memory of the assessment or the outcome,he still has to have an mri ithink it is when he is a bit better hoping that we get the informaion on tuesday depending on how he is.

They did say that before all of this 6 to 12 months average wait so just have to have hope and carry on beieving that everything is going to be ok,we are not ready to give up no matter how hard it gets .

Hello treamber

No you have the right attitude, never give up, at least you are there for him in his corner

Keep well Annette !!

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