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I was diagnosed with cirrhosis due to alcohol 2 years ago, I have not touched alcohol since and was feeling great but lately I feel as if my tummy has swollen and I'm terrified ascites has returned, is this possible? My gp has said all blood tests and ultrasound tests have came back as good and maybe just weight gain but i still feel something else is wrong, I would be grateful for any advice, thanks

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My husband the same he hasn't been drained for over 8 month now .

An his Tummy is bloated but I think he's just put some weight on we go back to hospital next week so I am hoping its a good outcome.

Thats the thing with the liver it's a funny organ anything could happen love we just take one day at a time hoping he feels well when he wakes up do u have diabetes

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Hi shy_bev, no i don't have diabetes, but i have pancreatitis and an enlarged spleen and I don't see my consultant until may so I'm not sure what to do.


Hi, an ultrasound would typically show ascites if present. If your ultrasound was recent then you can probably stop worrying about ascites as the cause of symptoms. Any constipation or bloating going on? How is your diet and nutritional status?


My last ultrasound was in October, I am constipated and feel extremely bloated, and I must admit my diet needs improvement, I'm 38 years old.


Well ... even without your symptoms I'd urge you to work on your diet/nutrition. Try to eat only real food - nothing processed. It may be well worth it to do a trial period of wheat and gluten elimination, along with all or at least most sugar. Lots of fresh organic veggies, and lots of healthy fats (Olive oil, avocado, coconut oil), moderate amounts of protein, etc. Address the constipation asap, that's very important with liver disease and can certainly cause the fullness and bloating you're experiencing. Also drink lots of filtered water, also very important. Start there and see if things improve. If anything worsens see if you can move your appointment up, or return to your gp. Hope you find relief and answers soon.



I had hep.e - all test clear know but having pains in stomach & tummy swells at time espec. after eating. havins spiometry test next week for sus.smokers desease


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