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Hi Friends

As most of you know by now I gave a talk yesterday to a group of Doctor's , in general the talk went well. However I was asked a lot of questions for my final word I asked them one question. PBC is mainly associated with females, when a male gets PBC it seems to advance towards a TX quicker WHY.?. My theory is the difference in hormones. From diagnosis to TX my time was 2yrs 6months. I left the room with a group of Doctors being silent but scratching their heads... have a good day every one..

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well done! Surely its a good thing that you got them thinking?


That's really interesting, I have PBC & AIH and really struggle with the fatigue. I got my diagnosis in December and am still having tests etc. it's possible that I've had the PBC for about 10yrs, previous bloods were abnormal but my GP (in London) didn't refer, when I moved to Dorset saw my GP for fatigue after the first blood results he referred me urgently and arranged for scans and more bloods to be done before my appt. He also talked to me about autoimmune liver disease. So he must've had an idea, which was helpful for me.

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I like it that doctors wanted to listen to you (us) from the other perspective, that is good to hear. Well done.

What are the usual first reasons a female presents herself for at doctors? (itching?)

What are the usual first reasons a male presents for? (in my case generally feelin less like 18 more like 70 (I was 59)

from my initial presentation where I was gobsmacked there was anything significantly wrong took under 2 years to TX

But I assume I had PBC brewing for 20 odd years?

So I assume males dont feel ill until it has really started to impact on health, we tend not to itch like females, possibly other considerations?

A survey on here might be interesting!! anyone savvy enough (and with time enough to set up?)

Are you suggesting the doctors actually caught PBC off you in that room, as they all left scratching / itching ?? :)

Have a good day everyone from me too..


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