High GGT (309), normal ultrasound and fibroscan (3.2kPa), other liver functions normal. Any ideas?

Hi, this is my first post here. I am 38 and had a general health check last november, which found high GGT function. I was referred to gastroenterologist, who ordered ultrasound, fibroscan, and more blood tests. Ultrasound and fibroscan were normal. Still haven't received results of blood tests. I am a regular drinker: about 1/2 bottle of wine 3, sometimes 4 days a week, plus the odd beer and spirits. Doc thought for sure I'd fave fatty liver, even though he said my drinking levels didn't warrant it, so he said it could be NALFD. However ultrasound today did not corroborate fatty liver. I'm on the one hand relieved that my liver appears to be normal, but I'm left a little bit confused about the high GGT on my blood test. I'm asymptomatic otherwise. Anyone had similar experience, or any thoughts as to what it may be?

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  • Do you have any health issues?

  • Sorry just read you gave no symptoms

  • No, as I said in my post, I don't show any symptoms. I am more aware of the existence of my liver now, than I ever was before, but no pains, my tiredness is directly related to sleepless nights thanks to my youngest daughter, and I am generally healthy otherwise.

  • It is good news that your fibroscan and U/S results are good. The GGT sounds high when you are told that result - but it is not too high to get the docs too excited. I might be a combination of Non alcohol related fatty liver disease (NAFLD) -made worse by any alcohol you are drinking. Are you overweight? I originally had NAFLD - I do not drink any alcohol at all. Over many years it has progressed to cirrhosis. My hepatologist recommends losing any excess weight (being overweight is a risk factor), regular exercise (just normal things like walking, swimming, cycling etc.- and no alcohol (But I was already not having any anyway). Fatty liver does not always show up on U/S in the early stages. Good luck. Keep in touch via these pages - and have a look at the British Liver Trust web pages - they are really helpful.

  • Thanks for your response. It is helpful. I am usually on the line between normal weight and overweight. My BMI ranges from 24.7-25.4. I've decided as a result of this to try to lose some weight, and more importantly resume doing exercise. I've decided the simplest thing for me at this point is to pick up jogging again so I will start the C25K programme. In fact I started the first run, but then had to travel for work, and I refuse to go jogging when it's -15C outside. I don't have the clothes for that.

  • Liver failure is not necessarily due to excessive alcohol but if your liver is damaged,for wharever reason, drinking will contribute to the problem. In addition if your liver problem requires a transplant you stand no chance of receiving one if you are taking alcohol. Best of luck.

  • Hi jeccie welcome to this forum- you sound similar to where I was when I posted last match - do a search on ggt on this site . My tests were normal other than ggt 187 which was due to excessive wine consumption over many years-I'm 58. I did have some symptoms though -occasional liver pain and digestive issues-ultrasound clear. I tried 3 months abstinence and became a symptomatic-ggt didn't drop much though. Recently had a fibroscan 7.6. My symptoms have resumed. My suggestion is to try 2 months abstinence and repeat ggt tests. It will probably drop but some people have high levels naturally. I wouldn't worry too much. No symptoms and clear scans are good news. Hope that's of some help

  • Hi briccolone. I read your earlier posts on the subject. Sometimes I wonder if I have inadvertently been drinking too much for the last 20 years. Thanks for the suggestion about abstinence and a follow up test.

  • no problem keep us posted

  • My wife has ggt 411 but her liver is quite normal however she is advidsed by gasstr specialist to have urso 250mg two times and sylimarin 200mg also two times.

  • Warsi, thanks for sharing that. I will research those drugs and have a chat with gastro doc when I next see him. How long has she been on those? Has there been any effect?

  • I am having similar issues to you - High GGT levels, high serum globulin and elevated ALT. Other enzymes within range. I had an ultrasound yesterday and the technician said that she couldn't see anything (liver, gallbladder and kidneys scanned) but I've been getting abdominal pain and extreme tiredness. I don't really drink which is why my GP is concerned. What did your doctor advise as your next step?

  • Any news on your GGT situation, Jeccie??

  • Please read my post. Hope it help you.

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