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Fibroscan Result - is it accurate?


Just had a fibroscan but they only took 7 measurements at 100% and a reading of 4.2 Kpa. Does anyone know if 7 measurements are sufficient for a correct result?

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Hi -I was told 10 but basically a 77% reading is oK Sounds like you're fine with 4.2

Lor7 in reply to briccolone

Thanks for this. I also thought it was 10 so am a bit concerned that my result might not be accurate with only having 7.

Is there anyone on here with medical knowledge who could advise on this please?

Don't have medical qualification but when I had mine they said that they take the average number. If your result was that low on seven readings there's no real chance of it being much higher in another three.

They take ten readings because for some people they can't be sure they're in right place (like me to fat for them to feel bottom ribs lol).

I'm sure you have nothing to worry about but to put your mind at rest phone your consultants secretary and ask for written result with explanation. If consultant us happy with result then you can relax.

Hope you get this sorted soon as stress is an enemy of the liver.

Lor7 in reply to mrsmerlin

Thank you for your advice, sounds sensible to me.

briccolone in reply to Lor7

was your fibroscan done at the livertrust road show?-I was advised that the portable firboscanners are not quite as accurate as the static ones and also it's better if you fast before the scan. However-I'm sure you're fine a reading of 4 is pretty clear at no fibrosis.

Lor7 in reply to briccolone

Hi, yes I did and I hadn't eaten for two hours previously either as I had read that somewhere beforehand. A bit worrying if they aren't as accurate as they could be and that 4.4 might in fact be higher because of that and having only 7 measurements taken.


Your best bet is to ask when you have the job done they should explain it all to you if there is something you do not understand


Thank you for your reply. I had the scan done at the BLT roadshow and there was no dialogue at all really with the person carrying out the scan other their saying "it's normal". I was then ushered out as they were obviously very busy but it has now left me wondering if ti was accurate because 10 measurements weren't taken.

Lor7 in reply to Lor7

PS I have even emailed the BLT with my concerns but have not received a reply.

sunflower1 in reply to Lor7

Sorry just seen this.. Are you on Facebook? You could like their page and message them on there, they generally respond pretty quickly on there. The lady that done my Fibroscan was not helpful at all, I said I had been ast year and was worried about mine.. her response was.. "this is not a consultation" I told her I knew that as I had been before.. I asked her if I could talk and she said no not really so that was it I shut up!!! Please let us know how you get on BUT I dont think you have anythng to worry about.

Lor7 in reply to sunflower1

Hi sunflower1

Thank you for this. Sounds like the person who did my scan. I did manage to ask if they did this all day for a living and was promptly told that "I am liver consultant." So, I did wonder why only 7 measurements were taken. I wasn't aware that there was another specialist there I could talk to about it.

I went to the BLT Roadshow and at first thought I would regret standing in a bitterly freezing queue for an hour, just to do the questionnaire. But I was offered a scan and my result was 6.0kpa with more measurements but at 63%. The nurse doing the scan reassured me this was good, despite the fact she was trying to catch up to a very large queue. She still took time to tell me that someone like me with PBC could do with being scanned yearly. It was suggested I see the consultant due to poor advice by my GP and I have been given advice about a referral for clinical trials. Overall, I am very happy with my day at the roadshow and the service and advice I received :-) So I would say 7 readings at 100% sounds good to me.

Lor7 in reply to cee_cee

Hi cee_cee

Thank you for this. I did finally get a response to my query from BLT and they say that they told the people carrying out the scans that if there was a low score at fewer measurements then not to continue to do ten as they had a lot of people to scan (note my husband had nine all at 100%, so wonder why he had more measurements taken than me)! However, they also say that as I had a low score and all readings were 100% then I have nothing to be concerned about, phew! I must say that you had a good experience, as the person carrying out my scan was very off-hand and I am not the first to have mentioned this either! Nor did I know there was a consultant there I could to about my results. But they are doing a good job, pity it's not in spring or summer though.

Well it seems to be sponsored by Eisberg who make the alcohol free wine and it's in conjunction with the dryathalon in January when everyone tries to give up the booze. But summer would be so much better!! I think they need as much feedback as you can give them and I think they will welcome it. When I was there apparently if you completed the questionnaire online and printed it off and took it along you could go to the front of the queue. If you hadn't printed it, you still had to queue an hour to do it all over again. Some bloke there told them they need to make this clear on their website in future and they agreed this had been an oversight on their part - I didn't see it and if I hadn't drove approximately 40 miles to get there that day I would have given up and gone home it was that cold standing and waiting :- ( . With regards to the scan, they should make it clear this isn't necessarily done there and then, you may be asked to return later and that a consultant may be on hand to discuss matters if you are concerned and that ultimately it is all subject to time and availability. I also understand some days had 2 scanners, some had 1. The staff are giving up their time free of charge and it is a charitable event that they have to raise money for and we should all bear this in mind. Also on the day I went was probably the busiest (with 1 scanner) and they discovered some GP's had been sending their patients down there to get a scan instead of referring them, which made it busier than ever. So for me BLT get a thumbs up for the brilliant opportunity they gave us, but need to provide a bit more information for people pre and post scan.

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