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Sett Valley trail

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What a beautiful run that was. Early for me at this time of year but it was the only time I could fit it in. Accompanied by woodpecker pecking very close by and geese honking on the water. Very few people out, an " old" lady on an even older bike who passed me on the flat but I passed her on the hilly bit when she was pushing her trusty steed! I was sending photos to my youngest brother (62) as I was going... He related he'd been practicing standing on one leg with his eyes closed.... During Mass! Attaching photos which don't do it justice. It's so different to Suffolk. I love that running takes to different places on my visiting children.

19 Replies
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It looked a lovely morning for a run at least dry. Don’t know how u can send photos running bad enough changing podcast walking. I should have went out too lovely morning here but don’t know what was wrong with me, not like me, maybe just needed a rest, usually out early morning before work. Off day I think. Liked to have seen your brother standing on one leg in Mass!! 😊 enjoy your time with your family. 🙂

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Mormor1Graduate10 in reply to Doris8

Thanks D, it was tempting to stay under bed clothes as we are in a very cold campervan, only 2' when I was dressing. Had to take leggings and top under duvet and get dressed there, but knew I'd regret it if I didn't go.

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Doris8Graduate10 in reply to Mormor1

That doesn’t sound like fun. Yes felt a bit like that wished I went when I saw the blue sky . Tomorrow’s another day.

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Mormor1Graduate10 in reply to Doris8

Absolutely, always another day and another possibility.. I'm so lucky to be fit and retired.

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Ah that looks lovely. It is nice to run somewhere different, well done. Standing on one leg is great for balance! Unless you fall over of course 🤣. Hopefully not in the middle of mass.

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Mormor1Graduate10 in reply to Frenc

That would be funny watching!

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That looks a lovely place to run. It was a cold start this morning so well done for sticking it and getting out!

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Mormor1Graduate10 in reply to Cowladyrunning

It was cold, but so bright that that made it more doable.

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CowladyrunningGraduate10 in reply to Mormor1

I thought it was lovely to feel so much warmth in the sun when it did appear..... spring sunshine!

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Your younger brother is obviously a big kid at heart. 😆

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Mormor1Graduate10 in reply to nowster

Oh yes, very definitely, being a Batchelor he had no reason to grow up!

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Those photos are just lovely, thanks Mormor1 . Please tell me your younger brother isn't a priest?!

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Mormor1Graduate10 in reply to Cmoi


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How lovely 😊

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Beautiful, indeed! What a lovely spot. Did the priest kept the sermon to a few seconds (unlikely). Even without injury, that closed-eyes one-leg balance would have me causing such a disturbance in church. Wobble, topple, crash.

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Lovely! I heard a woodpecker on my run this morning! So much birdsong too. Must be spring!

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Mormor1Graduate10 in reply to Roxdog

It's in the air... March is definitely Spring 😅

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I often go walk along the Sett Valley trail, haven’t run it yet as it is a short drive away from where I live and I generally run from home. Practicing standing on one leg definitely good for you- especially as you get older for balance. I usually practice while cleaning my teeth. Less of an audience if I fall over😂😂

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Mormor1Graduate10 in reply to Getfitordietrying

Definitely gotta try that one.

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