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New Shoes, New Cadence

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Spent ages trying to locate / decide on shoes that would be suitable for a mixture of road and trail, I settled on Hoka Speedgoat 4 (wide). I then struggled to locate a pair in the right size. Having finally ordered a pair in my size and posted about it on here, Tasha99 advised me to go up a size. So, as advised, the ones that arrived were way too small. Measured my feet and tried again: too big! I've finally settled on a pair one size up and they seem to be OK (why can't manufacturer's sizes be consistent?) Unlike the photo, they're a relatively subtle blue with orange trim. Anyhow, tried them out on a 7k road run and all's fine. Planning on trying them out off road this coming Friday.

Whilst trying out the Speedgoats, I also experimented with a 180 cadence. Found it tricky trying to maintain an easy pace with such a high cadence but I guess it's worth trying it a few times to see if I can use it.

Meanwhile, my road shoes are wearing out so I've a new pair of those as well (much easier, I just ordered the same as I'm already using and changed the colour so I can tell them apart). Tried these out on (a different) 7k run and all seems fine.

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Interested in how you get on with these Ski. I was nearly swayed with Speedgoats or the Carbon x....

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Tasha99Graduate10 in reply to Windoze

Speedgoats 😍

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SkiMondayGraduate10 in reply to Windoze

I'll try and remember to post about how I get on off road with them. Can't make much of a comparison though because my only off road experience is with road shoes.

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Nice shoes! Happy running 😊

🐱 Katnap 🐱

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I love Speedgoats so much

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Sweet new shoes Ski. Hope you enjoy the Speedgoats as much as I do mine. 850km and still going strong. Very durable compared to other shoes I’ve owned. Size up is definitely a plus. I just got a pair of Hoka Mach4 road shoes and had to go up a size and a half for the best fit and they are fantastic so far. Did my HUHM and a number of shorter 10s with them.

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SkiMondayGraduate10 in reply to Decker

Thanks Decker. Hopefully, I'll get a good distance out of mine too.

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Snap on the road shoes, I think, Mizumo Wave Inspire 16s? My 15s had nearly 1000k on the clock, my shop offered me 16s and 17s to try. Thought the 17s lifted my heel too much, so plumped for the 16s - and only then discovered they'd been discounted by a third as "old stock"! Result, or what?

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SkiMondayGraduate10 in reply to UpTheStanley

Almost! They're Mizumo but Wave Rider 24. Had a pair of the previous model before everything went pear shaped. Since it's tricky trying shoes on at the moment, I just went for the new version of the same. Looked around for dicounts on the previous version but nothing in my size.

The old ones have done around 800k but they're starting to feel hard when I land so figured it was time to change.

Good result with your 16s.

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May you and your shoes run many happy miles together SkiMonday.

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