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TWENTY, TWENTY...RUN ! Week 4... Still not too late! Come on and join the fun! πŸŒ¨πŸŒ¨πŸŒ¨β›„β˜ƒβ›„β˜ƒβ›„

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Good Morning, folks!

Still running ? a day behind, but here I am, sitting watching the snow falling heavily outside my window and wondering when I can get outside again!

We have had wind, rain, ice, snow, and everything in between. Even the bravest of the Spring bulbs have poked their green noses out for a while and decided to take a few more day's rest

The wintery conditions are challenging to say the least!

Heat for some of our friends in far off climes is also an issue! So wherever you are, do please, take every precaution to stay safe and well.

I was due to get out this morning, but I am afraid, that the weather is really not conducive to even, my slow efforts! So indoor workouts are the order of the day:) And maybe a snowball fight in the garden with Mr OF :)

SO!! How is it all going everyone...?

Please do, let us know how you are progressing, we do support each other and reading folk's successes, ( and set backs too sometimes), can really be helpful!

As we said last week, we, are in the UK still in full lockdown and all that entails...and keeping on track is important, but not always that easy. If you do find yourself struggling for whatever reason, do please, remember that you are doing your best and doing what you are able.

Inside or outdoors. Running or walking. Strength work and stamina. Yoga, Pilates...the list goes on. There is so much we can do to keep our body and our mind fit and healthy :)

Please do be kind to yourself.


If you are joining us this week....or need to recheck your targets from last week...

What is the Quest?

The aim of the Quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

We may find at this time that we really need to focus on what we can reasonably do, and where and when we can do it!

The Quest takes one calendar month. You can join at any point during that time.

Some popular goals are:

β˜… To run three times a week

β˜… To slowly increase distance

β˜… To train for a specific race

β˜… To add Stretch and Strength exercises to your weekly routine





The Quest is a personal challenge, so it's completely up to you! If you want to join, all you have to do is COMMENT BELOW with something like:

I would like to join the Quest, or, count me in! I want to ...

Every week we will put up a new post and we can all chat about how we are doing.

So, get those thinking caps on and let us know what your plans are... but do remember please, to be kind to yourselves too...plenty of rest days and time to just relax. These are stressful times:)


Love Oldfloss & Mummycav xxx

59 Replies

Hi ,I love the pic! Waiting for snow here in the south east , hopefully tomorrow πŸ˜„I would like to increase distance

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Tracytrace

I'll add you to the list... we have plenty here right now!!

TracytraceGraduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you


Good morning from a very sunny Scotland. Temperature -3 feels like -8 so off for a long walk. We are only 8m above sea level so ice and frost more than snow but even with that I've walked and run on alternate days all January clocking up 100k running and 82k walking so far. Slowly remembering that I must stretch after walks in the same way I do after runs🀣. The good news is for my little area of Scotland we have had no covid cases for 7 days, mini yeah πŸ™†β€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸ€ž considering our village is full of medics people thankfully working, nearly everyone else seems to be working at home by the numbers of cars parked up. Have a great weekend and happy running everyone πŸ€—

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Grannyhugs

Well done you,,, enjoy that sunshine and the crisp walks! You are doing so well and great news re the Covid cases:) Keep us posted please and stay safe my friend!


Tagging all the Questers, just to see how you are all doing...if I have missed anyone...let me know!Imc50 Fionamags Dexy5 Delly-dot damienair AndrewJR75 nowster swim63 cheekychipmunks Oldgirlruns LiisaM GoogleMe RunWillie CBDB 61Lady


Hello Oldfloss, I love your snowy picture. We have only had rain or frost down on the south coast and I’ve been managing just 2 runs a week , holding out for the nicer days. But I have felt so good after getting out, and getting hot and sweaty. I’m doing one (not) parkrun and one longer one. I really need to get out there earlier as the walkers tend to be oblivious of other prom users and it’s like running a slalom to keep a distance. The running with friends is no more, but it was nice to come across Mr and Mrs Coddfish running in the opposite direction yesterday, and Oldgirlruns was out walking too.

I have been doing yoga with Adrienne most days, although I am about 4 days behind everyone else. My body doesn’t bend quite as easily as hers and moving from one position to the other takes a bit longer, but I am loving it and i am hoping to continue next month too.

Our snow may arrive tomorrow so a nice walk planned for today.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Dexy5

It all sounds fun..but quite a dodgy...( see what I did there) experience.You are doing well and I envy you the sea and the Esplanade!!! Sigh!!

Good to see friends, even distanced xx

Yoga..sounds good too..

Enjoy your walk and stay safe xxx


Morning from a snowy Wales Oldfloss its more white January rather than red πŸ™ƒ number 24 today πŸ‘

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Imc50

Morning...Bore da!Very white here and still snowing!!

Keep on running, walking or sledging!

Stay safe xx


For me, it went so so. After my 8k run last weekend work got so busy I wasn’t able to squeeze in another run! 😱 Oh no... I’m slipping on the first week I’m back in the magic plan!

But I kept up Yoga and replaced all my runs with rowing.

Thanks to the lovely feedback on this forum, I feel now that this might be my strategy for my weekly workouts, so in a usual week I would do:

-Yoga or Pilates every day (ca 20min)

- 2 short runs and 1 long run (increasing to 10k)

- 1 rowing session per week


- replace any runs not run with rowing sessions.

My rowing sessions tend to be 20min, and having followed the same interval workout over the past 6-7 workouts, I can see that my distance is increasing (e.g. I’m becoming a faster rower)

So yey!

Of course we woke up this morning to heavy snow, so no running again today. 😒

OldflossAdministrator in reply to CBDB

You have got a plan!!! You are doing well!Are you getting some rest days in there too?

Yes..this,snow keeps on coming!! My plans went out the window for today too!

Keep safe x


I’m still here Questing OF! Still trucking along with RED Jan, LEJOG4 (about 205 miles left), Route 66 (about 2,100 miles left!), Great Run Solo Jan Accumulator and, of course, Adriene. I’m loving it all except the weather which has been pants, although today was delightful. We have snow forecast for tomorrow. Will it stop me? It wouldn’t dare! 😠

OldflossAdministrator in reply to cheekychipmunks

Blimey.. this is so positive.. Yeayyyy ....go you...and as for that snow...well !! I go...sounding like your take care and do be safe.

Hospital visits are not advised

Keep posting and keep on trucking!!!



Good morning Floss and Mummycav!

Pleased to report I have been moo-ving again this last week. Two nice runs and... ta da... the last one was a full 5k run!

It took me a lot longer than 30 mins but was not too much of a struggle to reach the distance, so I am pleased with that.

Still turning up for daily yoga, a few days behind on the Breath YWA practises, but enjoying my mat time.

Still doing the strength and conditioning exercises set by my physio, but a bit more reluctantly, losing the will a bit.

I am going for a badge on Strava to do 30 hours of activity in January, and have 9 days left to do the final 10 hours so I need to keep running, walking, S and C and yoga-ing til the end of the month! I did earn my 5k run one though!

No snow here yet, take care in those cold and icy conditions and happy questing all!


OldflossAdministrator in reply to Bluebirdrunner

I missed this!!! Good afternoon you!You are doing so well! You sneaked that 5K in too! Brilliant!

I know, like many you are really enjoying the yoga.. and hopefully it is helping with mental and physical strains.

Massive well done to you...January 31st nearly here!!

Stay safe xxxx

BluebirdrunnerGraduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Floss, and having made myself accountable here re. the S and C has helped...Stay safe and warm



I'm in love with that cow!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to roseabi

I got particularly fond of him! He is in Derbyshire, so we have not bee able to see him much!


This week I've been slowly getting back into it. The weather hasn't helped, or maybe it has, forcing me to take a few extra rest days after my first run in a fortnight on Monday.

Last weekend I did some walks: Friday 3.5km, Saturday 6km, Sunday 6.5km.

After that I felt confident enough to do a 2km run on Monday.

Storm Christoph then did its worst to keep me indoors for most of the week.

Once the heavy rain and snow had passed I did a short (3km) run yesterday (Friday) before work, even though there were icy patches in places.

The knee now feels totally normal, yet when I'm running now I'm hypersensitized to every little twinge or unbalance. That'll wear off, I know.

It's been proper snowing here this morning. Large flakes. About half an inch. It has stopped now and will probably have mostly melted before evening.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to extend my running to a little over 5km. It might be icy.

I'll probably run every other day for the rest of the week, keeping around the 5-6km distance, and then try an 8km run next weekend.

My plan to hit 10km this month has gone out the window. The hope to reach 100km over the month has gone too. That's what happens when you ignore the little twinges until they become big problems -- you lose half the month. They'll have to be next month's goals.

The important thing is that I'm still able to run, and I still want to run.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to nowster

That IS the most important thing wanting to run and able to run, and able to enjoy it! So sensible watching this odd weather and listening to your body too... the rest days ae needed, right now!

Moving your goals on is a great idea and those runs do wait...If you do head out, please do take great care...broken limbs are really not what we need right now... do keep posting please and a HUGE well done!


My quest was to keep on with 3 runs a week to get back into the running habit after a break. The weather thus week really put the mockers on that though and I wimped out. But I'm just back from a gentle plod on frozen grass in my new trail shoes (yay!). It was absolutely beautiful but a lot harder than I expected. Stickibg to 30 minute runs for the moment until I build a bit more fitness. Will aim for the three runs next week - now I have new shoes there is no excuse!!!PS love that coo!!!!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Fionamags

He is beoootiful isn't he! Well done you and well done for staying put; not wimpish, but sensible!

Slow and steady and safe.... well done you!


Hi, Doing pretty well, thanks. Weather here hasn’t been too much of an obstacle, luckily. I’d identified 4 quests, but they complement and overlap productively.

1. Run 2-3 pw was an aim - I’ve done 3 this week, so am very happy. I’m jeffing with my intervals calibrated to comfortable nasal breathing. (Homework for 3 and a longer term project.)

2. Yoga/Pilates: Only managed one yoga session this week (1 hour), but have been doing some daily Qigong movements for my homework for 3. (Also using these for run warmup.) As mentioned before, I’m relaxed about not fitting in as many sessions as I’d intended as I’ve been doing these for some years now and I accept that my work is especially heavy at moment. (Plus the running is still relatively new in my life, so I’m making space for it first.)

3. Running workshops: Just did my last one; I still have a 1:1 with my tutor/coach. Have enjoyed immensely. New things to bring to and try out on my next runs. Loving learning and bringing intention to each run.

4. Meditation: Maintaining a daily rhythm here (just 10-15 mins per day). Massive benefits. And learning new things. Really hope to continue this practice.

Reflecting on possible quests / refinements / adjustments beyond Jan.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to GailXrunning

You seem to have things well in control and are obviously finding terrific benefit from what you are doing.Not worrying too much about things not always going to plan either! All too easy to worry ourselves if things are missed.

Very well done you... carry on and keep us posted please. Stay safe x


Tagging all the Questers, just to see how you are all doing...if I have missed anyone...let me know!Frizzbomb67 Banana12 Allbarron Jell6 legzake SlowMo500 Rowers Fazwaz Beatthestreet Killerblue Bluebirdrunner SaskAlliecat dijep Hedgehogs123 RunaroundSue

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Oldfloss

GailXrunning just added you on :)

Banana12Graduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

Banana12 doing ok OF. Still to tackle 10k but all other goals hit. I’ve a nippy knee thing going on. I seem to limp for the first ten or so minutes then it’s better uphill than downhill so I’ve had a couple of rest days and will gird my loins (hopefully) and bag that before the end of this month. 🀞 Thanks for caring and for holding me accountable...I might (would) have tried to maintain my usual ostrich position with head in the sand and pretend I’d forgotten. I do that sometimes. Hopefully not this time though. Keep you posted.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Banana12

Great stuff...just watch that knee..( not when you're running of course) and take it gently. Weather permitting that 10K is waiting. Well done .Stay safe x


Hello Oldfloss , Mummycav and fellow questers,

74.8km done out of my 100km monthly target so on track just. It has been a slog though and has made me doubt my annual target. I was easily doing over 50 miles monthly from August with a month at over 100k so thought it would be a walk in the parkπŸ€”We’re on holidays and it’s super hot so it could be that but will reassess if next month feels this hard.

On a positive note, I ran my 3rd Park Run today with a time of 34.02 nearly negative splits and an heart rate that didn’t go pass 190 πŸ€£β€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Happy questing everyone and stay safe x

OldflossAdministrator in reply to RunWillie

Doing so well and in the heat too! Re assessing is useful , in order to keep us enjoying our runs and our goals too!Your Park run time! Excellent ... very well done!

Stay well and safe... and cool :) x


RunWillieGraduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

Hi Oldfloss, Mummycav and fellow questers,

Hope everyone is doing okay and hanging in there with the lockdown.

Just reporting back in to update on my quest. I did it! Finished my month at 100.9km with my fourth ParkRun today which I did in 33.16 and negative splits.

This last week has been okay so maybe I will go again next month for my 100k target.

Yay β€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

OldflossAdministrator in reply to RunWillie

Oh Yes!!!! Absolutely brilliant! You have done incredibly. Well done you!I am sitting here watching the snow falling... again... so that does at least keep the folks inside!

You are on track for the new Quest that starts on Monday! 100K here you come...!

Dear OF, I stuck to my goals this week and completed my muscle exercises. I will try to add another repetition to one of them this coming week. In addition, I'm trying to get the dog up the hill behind our house twice a day. I'm sorry about your lockdown. Despite illness here, our state is opening again--just some things and under restrictions....

OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

Very well done! This is great news and that you lockdown restrictions are easing too! I am sure that your muscle exercises are helping and that dog will get up that hill with you, more and more as the year moves on! :)

We are still in the thick of it, with some folk still not realising just what this is all about! But, we do what we know is right and we hope all our runners manage to avoid the Covidiots!

Stay safe you and stay well :)

LiisaM in reply to Oldfloss

I was going to add that I hope we can get curbside shots and not have to go inside where others are to get our covid shots. I got a curbside flu shot outdoors last fall and appreciated it that our system didn't make us go inside where we might get covid. I pulled up in my car, stepped out, got the shot, and drove home. Good way to get it!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

We have centres but all PPE protected. !

LiisaM in reply to Oldfloss

We have face masks mandated by everyone, but I understand that they aren't foolproof.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

Worn correctly.. and at least three layers, they protect other folk and their masks protect you.. trouble is, folk wear them incorrectly! Mr Of and I wear our regular masks and our visor masks too...but we have not been anywhere since our flu jabs !

LiisaM in reply to Oldfloss

How did you do after the shots? We get little scary details in the news here of people who fared poorly after their shots.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

Our flu jabs? Fine...reactions to flu jabs are extremely unusual!!! We have had them for years.

LiisaM in reply to Oldfloss

Oh, I was thinking you had rec'd the covid vaccine. My mistake!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

No..still waiting! There shouldn't be any side effects other than a headache and maybe a flu like feeling. .which passes.

nowsterGraduate10 in reply to LiisaM

When I had a flu shot the Saturday before Christmas, I was in and out of the medical centre inside two minutes. That included ticking me off the list and checking for allergies. Everyone was wearing masks and there was a one way system in place.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to nowster

Spot on... Son in law had to go to an emergency set up A and E yesterday.. 10 minute turn around.. full gear all around!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to nowster

We were the only two in the medical centre us and the nurse! I had a sore arm for a,week..I bruise easily!!


A lovely snowy cow picture there!

We've been fortunate with the weather here so far. It's been cold, wet, windy, but no ice or snow to speak of though a mix of rain and snow is forecast for the rest of the day and overnight.

I did a couple more Yoga sessions, but managed to slightly pull a muscle in my lower back. Partly because of that, partly because of work, and partly down to idleness, I've only run once since Sunday's 8km but am hoping to go out tomorrow . I'm aiming for a 9k to keep me on track distance wise.

I'm currently on the Bodmin by-pass on LEJOG so still making slow and steady progress towards Devon. Hopefully I will make the border by the end of the month.

I'm going to try the Yoga again, but have to be honest and say I'm not finding it that easy to follow along on the laptop. I guess it will come if I persevere enough.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Birdlady64

Ouch... back twinges are horrid. Just take it steadily when you do head out.. ! If it is icy... give it a miss!You are doing well running wise though and I am sure you will make that Border!

Hope you do get your run in and will watch for your post:)

Stay safe x


Another absolute pig of a week at work/ school with things changing everyday. My stress levels reached a peak on Wednesday with my heart pounding in my chest and my jaw firmly clamped together 😩. But I’ve still run 3 times this week and am almost at the half way mark on Hadrian’s wall (68k this month!) After gagging over yet another (twice weekly) lateral flow test on Friday (-ve 😊) me and Mr FB went for a walk around a local park. The beautiful winter sunshine felt so good on my face and it was a real tonic. Felt much better since then. My 4K goal of 30 mins is going backwards but I’m putting that down to fatigue and running on the treadmill. I’m not hung up on it. After running 9k last week I’ve officially put my 10K goal on hold till I can get outside again. The treadmill was just too boring. I’ve run 7k today though so not too shabby. I suppose running wise I’m ticking along looking forward to spring and the freedom to run somewhere nice.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Frizzbomb67

Oh gosh; this is so hard for you at this time. I empathise so, so much! How you are doing this I do not know!You are doing well... and if things do not exactly work out , then regrouping and reassessing is fine!

You had a great walk and yes, the sunshine when we get it it so, welcome:)

Good on you for that 7K today... spring is indeed on the way!!!

Keep posting please:) Stay safe!


A funny sort of a week really. Red January is going fine with something every day... mostly yoga this week it has to be said, although some of it attempts on classes but a couple of good walks to investigate floods and snow. The 64Million Artists January Challenge has rather fallen by the wayside, I think because I have spent that time and energy on reading, so not a bad thing and I can always catch up later with anything that takes my fancy.Week 4 already? Yikes!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to GoogleMe

The speed of the weeks as they go by is terrifying! 11 months today is Christmas Eve!! :) Well, I think reading is Splendid.. I have had a nostalgic childhood read, of an Omnibus edition of the Miss Read books!

You are keeping up with Red January and I feel that is just fine. We have snow forecast but have not suffered with flooding... have you many floods where you are?

Just keep on doing what you are enjoying ... and do stay safe!

GoogleMeGraduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

Oh Miss Read is fabulous isn't it? My mother taught in schools like that before I was born. We had road closures here and the water did make it into some businesses but not as bad as November 2019 (we've still got hay bales high in trees as a reminder of that!) But we live half way up the hill, thank goodness (although I don't always think that when walking up!)

OldflossAdministrator in reply to GoogleMe

My own Junior school was like the one in Fairacre .I can remember the vicar coming in ..he always wore a long cloak fastened at the top with a clip which had two linen heads on it,Your floods sound pretty bad but at least the birds have nesting material!!


Hi Oldfloss and fellow runners.Well the weather has certainly given me a good mix this week. Although no snow that settled so I can't compete with your wonderful photo.

There has been no running at all πŸ˜’ which at first I found really frustrating especially when seeing other runners out there having fun, but I've come to terms with it now.

I've been doing lots of other stuff, YWA 30 day practice which I'm really enjoying, plus my regular weekly zoom yoga class. I've also been alternating a Pilates for knees session one day with my old physio exercises for my knee the next. Plus a few on line walking / light cardio YouTube workouts.

I had planned to do some walks on my run day but this didn't happen mainly due to pouring rain and then having to wait for a delivery to arrive. But I've still had to walk Alfie hound everyday whatever the weather, got soaked 4 walks in a row 😑

I also really enjoyed a couple of sunny hours gardening always a bit of a workout πŸ˜‚ and definitely a great place to just "be".

Annoyingly I've no idea whether all this is helping my knee or not 🀞

OldflossAdministrator in reply to dijep

I do not know how I can have missed this! So sorry!! This is good news on many fronts for you...keeping going and moving and enjoying walks, wet or not!So important to keep everything supple even when we cannot run!

Gardening sounds great to me.. I have managed a few quick forays but the weather has really been against us! Snowing here again now!

New Quest begins on Monday... so maybe some new goals to set! x


Hi Floss , I’ve tried many plans and quests but always fall by the wayside so haven’t been questing for a while, today’s run made me realise i need to just get out there and run a bit more often to keep it going, so my quest this week is to run tuesday and friday The photo on my last post is especially for you πŸ˜€

OldflossAdministrator in reply to WillowandSola

I love the photo, thank you.I think you have a great plan there. I shall watch for your posts.. stay safe and I hope work goes well,after your week off xx

WillowandSolaGraduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you xx

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