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I’m finding everything a real struggle at the moment and it’s making me struggle even more!!

I’m trying to work my way up to 10k and was doing really well until bloody corona started ruining the world! I’d gotten up to 50mins (7k) and was so bloody proud! Now I just seem to be going backwards!

1 week BC (before corona) I was doing my three magic plan runs plus a couple of classes, now the classes are gone and I feel as though the runs are getting harder. I’m still pushing myself to go out 3 times a week but I’m just not hitting my targets! I’m feeling more tired in the legs so I think I’m going faster (not on purpose, just to get the run done) and getting out of breath and getting more tired on the legs so my 30 mins run is ending up around 20mins and I’ve not managed a long run for about 3 or 4 weeks. That in itself is making my head tell my body, you can’t do it... grrrrr

Anyway, I’m sorry, I don’t like to be negative and I think I’m pouring it out on here to get it out of my head! I managed a 30 min this morning but only got 4.5k and it was hard! I have my ‘long run’ on Saturday morning... see if I can get my head in a better place!

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Hi! I'm so sorry to see you're feeling down, but you have definitely come to the right place to vent! ❤️

Have you tried any online classes? There are some great ones around at the moment, Joe Wicks and Yoga with Adriene are popular with good reason, and I recommend them highly! Also, we are building a library of online workout suggestions over on Strength & Flex, well worth a look:

As for running, I think it would really help you to reset your expectations for a while. It looks as though you are getting really stressed out by a target (10K) which is going to be difficult for many people to achieve at the moment - you really are not alone! Also, this is a stressful time generally, and this is very probably impacting on your wellbeing. I think you would be far happier, and get more out of your running, if you plan for shorter runs for the time being. If you get to the end of a run and feel like running further, then go for it! But if you don't, just finish your run as planned and go home feeling good that you hit your target. If you still want to work on 10K that's fine, but maybe think about doing it over a longer period of time. Combining this with some online classes will keep you fit and motivated, and when we finally come to the end of this coronavirus craziness, you will be ready to smash that 10K!!!

Stay safe and keep running xxx

Purpledaff in reply to roseabi

Thank you ❤️


I started C25K at the end of August, so I am not speaking with very much experience. However, I have found that my own progress has been not linear, but rather in fits and starts, and there have been periods when I found the runs hard going and I've gone backwards in terms of pace.

Tbh whenever I find it hard going I slow down, until I find a comfortable pace, as my first priority I have learned should be not to get injured or otherwise hurt myself - including mentally by damaging my motivation - and second priority is I want to complete my run; how fast I do it comes a distant third in order of importance.

I've also learned that it's important for me to do a lot of slower runs, and relatively few faster ones, and that slow running is an important aspect of training to do a few faster ones. My body needs these recovery runs when I deliberately take it easy. I have found recently that I really enjoy these slower runs when I'm not pushing it.

I do hope you get your mojo back.

Life is full of ups and downs so allow yourself to lose your mojo a little. You obviously love running and you are doing brilliantly. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a clap on the back or a hug whichever makes you feel good (and is the easiest!). Breath in and breath out. Remind yourself how good life is when you can run. So what if you don’t always enjoy it. Slow down your pace, look for the positives, get those trainers on, open the door and go for a walk and if the inclination comes to start running, well, just go with the flow and enjoy.

Hi purpledaff. Don’t be sorry for venting and don’t be so hard on yourself I think everyone is feeling some sort of struggle at the minute for various things. Everything is a little harder at the minute even buying a few things from the supermarket can take 3 times longer . I think the important thing is not to run to hard as you don’t want to be exhausting yourself at a time like this . Running is a great stress release so you don’t want to be stressing so much about hitting a certain distance. Just do what feels comfortable.


I completely agree with forbiddenplanet. While extending distance it’s really important to slow down on that long run. Hydration is really important too in the day before the run as well as afterwards. Many runners at the moment are just concentrating on running for the love of it so take the pressure off yourself until Covid restrictions are lifted . You will get there, but it can wait.


Purpledaff how about decluttering that run. No time no distance just go out, run without a specific goal, that mojo will get back👍 it's weird times so don't get down on yourself 👍💪


Hi Purpledaff

When targets become monkeys on our back (weighing us down and chattering away saying things like "you can't do this", "give up now" etc etc) it may be time to change the target? And changing the target isn't a failure. I wanted to get to 10k after graduating in December and got to 9k when things suddenly went in the wrong direction. - oofh! I am getting it more right now (or is that less wrong?) and choosing more whimsical targets and it sort of works for me. Anyways, it feels less pressured and I am getting out and enjoying it.

Also there are lots of possibilites for why things are sometimes difficult (I can link some bad days/weeks to low grade bugs - the heart rate monitor on my watch is also good feedback, a higher than usual HR usually indicates something is up).

I hope you enjoy your Saturday run :-)

Thank you all, great advice and lovely words ❤️

Hi Purpledaff , I had the same issue . Fixed it by not caring a bit about my times etc . Now I’m loving it again , no pressure - even doing a bit of jeffing sometimes . I’ll get back on the JuJu trail sometime , no rush . Love the BC pre-fix , I’m stealing that 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️😎

Yeah I think I’m going to forget about the targets, just go out to blow off the cobwebs and see how far I get. I’d originally started this running malarkey in October as I challenged my self to do the GNR in September this year, even if I have to walk-run-walk etc... I completed C25K on New Years Day and that was great, my target was to do 10k by the end of June so it’s still doable...I’m just going to cut myself a bit of slack now...and get used to running in warmer weather!

All in all, I’m more than proud of how far I’ve come and I guess presently, like lots of others, I’m just lacking a bit of focus!

Welcome to use the BC prefix, please forward all royalties to me via PayPal 😂😂😂


75 to 80 percent of your mileage should be at your easy pace. That’s not just advice for novices. It’s what competitive endurance runners do.

Working hard and getting out of breath should be something planned like a short pace run or another hard workout (intervals/fartleks/hills etc.)

In other words, like everyone else has said, slow down.

Purpledaff in reply to SlowLoris

Yeah I try really hard to slow down, I was averaging about 6.45 per km and thought I did a slow run (I enjoyed it!) and got home to an average of 6.32 🤦‍♀️ I have little legs and short strides and seemingly 2 modes, walk or run...I’m trying to find the in between!

This struggling phase really is just a state of mind for me at the moment I think and it is the pressure I’m putting on myself so I’m just going to go out with no target and see what happens 😁

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