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Warm up walk 5min/500m


Do people include these in their "run" stats?

ie: 5min walk - 30m run - 5 min walk

or do they just count the 30min run?

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I used to count them when I was doing C25K but now I start and stop the clock just with the running bit. It give's you a better benchmark to work from.

Enxo in reply to Rigpig

Yes thats what I've started to do but not consistently yet,,,must try harder!


They’re your stats so you can use them as you please. I did include the walk when I was doing C25k as it was specified as part of the workout. Nowadays if a ‘run’ includes planned walking I tend to use the lap feature on my watch to mark the start of each walk or run section so I can see my walk and run paces separately on Strava. An average pace for the whole run doesn’t tell you much if you’ve been doing fast and slow intervals.

Now that I'm doing the Magic 10 I have three different runs each week. The 30 minute run is a great way to see improvement. Same course, same time but better pace and distance. Strava is smart enough to group them and show you the improvement.


You do what you fancy, the running police won’t hold it against you. If you want to compare stats from one run to the next keep consistent either always count or never count then you’ll see progress. Happy running

2718281Graduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

The running police are really nice people... Love your new name!!!

GrannyhugsGraduate10 in reply to 2718281

Thank you. Hugs are good 🤗

Thanks - I just need to be consistent and just measure the running part. Thanks again.

I only do the run as I warm up & cool down in the house.


I used until I got to week 7 c25k then I warmed up and down in the house and used the extra 10 for running


Just the run unless I'm doing intervals.

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