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First attempt at “Maffing”


Today was my 5k run for week 7 and I set off in normal route on my warm up walk. 2 mins in and my HR was already 135. I’d set myself a target of below 150 and preferably about 130. ( it should be 110-120 but baby steps....

I had to walk really slowly and breathe slow and deeply too and it came down to I went again and then it was time to run. So difficult to run slowly. It shot up again to 145 and climbing so I slowed to brisk walk breathing slowly and it dropped again. It was trial and error this morning and the one good thing I’d say is that I was concentrating so much on my HR that the run went by quite quickly and although it took longer to run it seemed like a quick easy 5k.

My average, when I checked at home, was 140 bpm so I have some work to do to get it down to where I want it but I am going to attempt it again on Friday for my 2nd 9k run.

One of the good things was I managed to run the whole 5k breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth rather than just mouth breathing the whole way and it seemed really easy going except for the effort of “ reining myself in”.

Added bonus - NO RED FACE!!!

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Hiya Lou,

You sure your watch (I'm assuming it is a watch you use) had good contact on your skin? I've read a few reviews of watches recently (as if I can afford one) and this seems to be a common issue.

I know what you mean about running slowly! I had to do a bit of that today as I was getting used to tempo interval running and it feels a bit awkward.

Breathing in through your nose is old news 😝 although if it's working for you then great :)

I hope your Friday run proves easier to tackle :)

limberlouGraduate10 in reply to Mike_Bravo

Yeah it has good contact.

Usually I run a lot faster and struggle to breathe through my nose ( partly due to asthma and allergies) so this was a first for me.

It wasn’t until I read about lowering your heart rate for fat burning that I thought I’d try this. Apparently the higher your Hr the more you end up burning sugar instead of fat.

Thought it was worth a try.

Mike_BravoGraduate10 in reply to limberlou

Oh really, interesting 🤔 I don't track my HR at all, maybe I should start.

I imagine with more runs it's inevitable your BPM will lower, hope it doesn't take too long 😊

limberlouGraduate10 in reply to Mike_Bravo

Google Phil Maffetone


Oooo ‘maffing’ sounds interesting LL and well done on that nose breathing 👍. Will def read up more. Am very curious and quite like the sound of maffing. What a Great run 😊


Really interesting stuff, never heard of maffing but a lot of it makes perfect sense.

I’ll be giving it a go but going to complete the 10k magic plan first. It’s actually doing longer, slower runs on the 10k plan that have made me think about the way I’ve been running. I’ve been constantly pushing to try and beat my 5k personal best and don’t think it’s done me much good.

Shame the MAF app doesn’t sync with Garmin gear, or accept manual input for resting heart rates. I’ll just have to monitor myself.

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