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Long and slow, 11k ticked off ✅


I live about 9-10 miles from work - from central London out to the leafier parts. It has become my goal to run all the way home one day.

I attempted it on Wednesday night (knowing that I probably wouldn’t make the full distance) to see how far I’d get. Apart from getting lost and the weather being completely all over the place, I made it to just over 11k, and nearly 7 miles, my furthest run yet!

As always the first few k were the hardest but then I settled in to it. My biggest problem now is fuel - I felt so blumming weak at the end. I even ate pasta at lunch knowing I’d be running later on.

I’m not a fan of eating before I run (even a banana makes me feel iffy) but feel like I could do with taking snacks with me. I don’t feel like fancy running gels are for me yet, but any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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That sounded fun Pancakes! 😀 I’m going to be upping my mileage from 10k in the next couple of weeks, so I’m reading posts like yours with interest. Did you have a specific mapped out route that you already knew? So (if you hadn’t have got lost) you’d have known about the elevation etc ahead of time? And do you carry water/snacks? Beyond 10k (well, 10.3k) is alien to me, so I’m all ears! 😀👍🏃‍♀️

I know what you mean about feeling weak. My puff is fine, but between 6k and 9k my legs have had enough, although I keep them trucking along slowly. So well done you on your furthest run ...... how far next? 😀

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I sort of worked out a rough plan before I started, but it all went out of my head once I crossed the river! Luckily I knew the area well enough to find my way (eventually) but I might try other routes too. Didn’t look at elevation but for the most part the route is pretty flat - the benefits of sticking close to the Thames.

I prefer to let myself go into a kind of explore mode when running longer routes, so I’m preoccupied with where I’m going and not the distance or sticking to a plan as I find this helps me go further.

I run with nothing at the moment, because I prefer it, but I think I’m going to start taking something to drink/eat. I don’t like anything in my hands so it may be time to up the belt/rucksack stakes.

I’m going to keep working at the 10 mile distance, but throw in the shorter 2 and 5k runs to mix things up.

Will keep an eye on your progress too!

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I’ve just invested in a proper FlipBelt and water bottle to take on longer runs. I had a generic one before which annoyed me (kept rolling up so I couldn’t find the openings!), so I’m hoping I can secrete some jelly babies in it and actually access them! I could only get to one at the Bristol 10k weekend! 🙄

I live in a hilly area, so I don’t wing my runs too much otherwise I might get out of my depth. 😅

Good luck with your 10 mile target. That’s mine too. Keep posting! 👍👍

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I've heard about those so will take a look - I'm currently sporting an Amazon cheapo special which isn't too bad, but the zip is breaking and access mid run is tricky.

Not done much hilly running to be honest, try and avoid them where possible!

Jealous of your running companion, would love to run with a dog but work/flat won't allow it. Boo.

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I love running with my dog, but I only take her on runs of 6k+ if she can run off the lead. She always comes to parkrun though, and is quite a celebrity - she even sports a hi-viz when I volunteer so she looks the part! ❤️

I’ll be trying out my (rather expensive) FlipBelt next week. It had better be good! 😅

Happy running! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Oh well done! What a great idea. And what a fab route too.

Make sure you’re well hydrated the day before and during the run day so you’re ready for the longer runs. Everyone is different on what to eat during longer runs and you probably need to experiment. Some people like jelly babies or fruit sweets but I find them all too sickly. I’ve found dates work well for me.I wrap them tightly in cling film.

Remember to start eating your choice well before you need it to give your system a chance to absorb it so experiment with the timing too. It’s all great fun!

Enjoy 🙂

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For the most part the route was nice, apart from the bit where I found myself near some very industrial and bleak parts. Who knew Battersea had bleak bits!

I definitely don't drink enough so that's a good reminder, thank you! I have quite a sweet tooth so I think chewy sweets might be the answer 😂


Oh what a lovely route! And that’s a great goal to have. Well done on your longest run to date! 👏👏👏

Since embarking on 10k + runs myself, I have been experimenting with fuelling. I am a very hungry/thirsty runner! Since increasing mileage I have had to start eating more generally as I started to lose a wee bit too much weight. Snacking on nuts (mmmm almonds!) during the day has really helped, and increasing my carbs a touch (I was definitely not getting enough carbohydrates in my diet). I also eat on the run with anything above 12k - many don’t, but as I said, I am a hungry runner! I recently tried a Nakd bar on the advice of some lovely person on here. They are made with dates etc, not too big, and very soft and easy to eat on the go. Lovely flavours, too - cherry bake well is lovely! Plus, easily available in Boots, Sainsbury etc. Most importantly, my stomach does not revolt when I eat them mid-run! (Bananas, perversely, give me heartburn if I eat the prior to a run, even if I eat them an hour before!)

At the end of the day, fuelling is so individual, and it truly is a matter of experimenting to find out what works for you.

Best of luck and happy running!

Sadie-runs x

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Some great tips there, thank you! Love almonds and other nuts so that's a good one to remember!


Hi. Well done 😊 😊

Sounds a good run

11k is also the longest I have gone. I too don't really plan a route just have a ruff idea and a nice park not far from me so if I've not gone far I'll run round there a bit!! 😂

I've not really needed to experiment much with fuel yet. I do normally always have water which I know I probably don't need but think it's a habit since I started C25K. Sometimes I carry it... Or have small bottle in a cheapy karrimor bum bag. But it does tend to jiggle about a bit and can be annoying! 😂 I've started to look at vests for when I eventually get to further distances. I have jelly babies too. 😊

So like u and cheekychipmunks I'm wanting to increase distance. Aiming to get back to 10k then consolidate a bit then increase.

Good luck and keep us posted 👍👍

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Let’s do this Deals1 and Pancakes86! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


What fun! 10 miles is a good goal, I did mine from home into central York. I love casually telling the neighbours and your colleagues will be gobsmacked 😶

A second vote for the nakd bars for fuel. I have a flip belt with the bottle that fits into it. Over about 12k I noted that my salt levels seemed low and I had a couple of migraines after runs. Now I have diluted OJ with a pinch of salt.

Enjoy exploring 😊🏃🏾‍♀️🏃‍♂️👍

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Oh good tip, didn’t even think about that.


What a great run and run goal and very interesting post to read. Happy running.


Wow well done you 😀👍👏👏👏. 11k is a fabulous distance and achieving that goal too of running home. Be very proud pancakes. 🥳🥳. I haven’t run beyond 10 k so no snack advice from me but am interested reading all the replies 😀

First of all well done on running that far to home after a days work. I take my hat of to you as at that time of day I struggle with 5k! I know if I don’t eat enough then my legs go all jittery so tried bananas but they just gave me the wrong kind of runs if u know what I mean. A friend recommended chocolate as that worked for her, again not for me. Then tried the old jelly babies but they were to sweet and in the end settled on butter mintoes and that seemed to really do the trick for me. A lot will come down to experimenting with what won’t give u a jittery tummy as nothing worse than that if ur on a longer run. Good luck to you with ur running. Ime sure it won’t b long before u do achieve ur aim

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Thanks for the tips :) It did feel pretty tough as I’m much more of a morning runner, but it mentally felt good to do.

I think I’m going to eat better throughout the day when I do these runs to see if that helps. I love a haribo so might try them. 🤞

Oh me to. I have a friend who just gives me a packet of them whenever I see her as she knows i like them so much. Like u ime more of a morning runner. Enjoy running in this lovely weather over the nxt day or 2.

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