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Struggling post flu #notdefeated


Hi anyone else had this latest bout of flu, it’s been 4 and a half weeks now since I first got ill and I’ve got to say it wiped me out completely and left me with cracked ribs. I was up to just under 10k just before this and have now only done 3 x 5k over the last 3 weeks due to work and recovery. Feels like I’m a long way from where I was. Anyone else been in this position or have any tips other than build back up again 💕

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Sounds awful! I can only suggest you ignore the urge to catch up with where you were. 3x 5k runs after cracking your ribs sounds plenty enough to me.

Have you tried breathing in through your nose to help govern your effort / speed?

😸 Katnap 😸

Flossyuk in reply to Katnap

Thanks Katnap, I think I’m just being impatient, the pain is slowly easing off as the weeks go past. Just feels like a lot of effort to get back on track at the moment, I’m sure it will all come together 👍💕

Sounds like you’ve had a proper nasty bout of flu! Glad you’re feeling better now. You take it easy and build back up slowly 🙂

Flossyuk in reply to Bridget007

Thanks Bridget, I was really surprised on how bad I was, it really has taken me 4 weeks to get over it which then made question if I had ever really had flu before 😳 still much better now thank you x


Sounds grim. I had a sinus issue from start of December though most of January that is still giving me intermittent issues although the feeling awful part of it :D has gone now. Take it easy. Listen to your body and make sure you keep well hydrated. Any illness where you are producing mucus (sorry!) or have a temperature is going to suck water out of you and you need to replace that.

I stupidly carried on running short distances 3-4 K when I really wasn't well enough to do so that I'm sure delayed my recovery.

Be realistic about your next goal and maybe shift your focus to enjoying a slower pace and getting the chance to appreciate the world around you.

I used the opportunity to try and improve my form a bit and I still got the benefit of being outside.

When I was able to start running properly again I noticed that I was able to pick up to my original pace & improve it quite quickly.

Good luck!

Thanks jeffbird sound like you’ve had it bad too. I have tried to realistic based on what I felt I could do and have been on the treadmill giving myself little goals of running for 8 mins then walking for one to catch breath and take on water until I reached 5k . Starting to feel better so off to do another 5k on Friday then possibly longer on Sunday weather permitting, I really don’t like the dreadmill for anymore than 5k I like the distractions of the outside countryside better. Hope u win the battle with sinuses I’m winning the mucus war and more slowly the rib one 😀

jeffbirdGraduate10 in reply to Flossyuk

that 8 min interval plan sounds v sensible until you are at flighting fitness again. good luck wth your outdoor run, Gareth should have cleared off by then so here's hoping!

Flossyuk in reply to jeffbird

Here’s definitely hoping Gareth makes a sharp exit lol

I started running again 15 months ago - December 2017, and was plodding along until I got flu last January which wiped me right out. Never had it before and it sneaked in before I had chance to get my first ever flu jab( I was right in there THIS year!!). I spent a week in bed and another week on the coach dozing and coughing and then back to work as I felt guilty being off so long. Really I should have stayed off longer as I’d come home from work and fall asleep while I waited for my tea to cook. I was worn out with it and kept pushing myself still. And the cough lingered for 3 months.

Eventually I went to my dr and she sent me to the asthma clinic. Lo and behold there I was at nearly 65 with my first ever inhaler. “ try it for 3 months and then come back”.

I was hoping it was going to be a magic cure for just a temporary measure and it seemed to be. Off I went ...Couch25k? No problem!! On to 10k? Bring it on!! Then back to asthma clinic and she said “ try a month without and we’ll see how you go”...😭.

I was like an old woman ( yes I know I AM technically but you know what I mean!!) and at the end of the month could hardly drag myself to the shops without wheezing and puffing. And now I’m on a preventative morning and night and the blue one before I run.

Damn that flu!!! So make sure you don’t overdo it ( as I did) and get yourself well before you push the running too much. Get well soon

Flossyuk in reply to limberlou

Wow Kimberley, you did have it rough poor thing I truly empathise with you. I mistakenly worked though my flu and felt dreadful for it, in a hotel away from home working wrapped up in bed. Definitely should have gone home and gone to bed there. Live and learn, all I wanted to do was sleep. Did the food shop for an hour a week after the flu and went straight to bed, needed power naps all the time. Nearly 5 weeks in and definitely feeling much better just the ribs to contend with now and residue of cough. Hope your asthma works out for you eventually and you feel better soon xx


Me! Worse virus I have ever had 😫 and like you, I ended up with chest infection and suspected cracked ribs!! Ouch!! My long runs were averaging 6/ 8 miles before flu - I am now back up to 6 miles but it has been a real slog at times! In the last couple of weeks I have at last started feeling stronger again and feel I am finally recovered (I was ill in Dec/ Jan and then had a couple of colds afterwards which further delayed my return). Keep the faith - you will soon get back to where you were..."we are runners and we are strong!"💪 Good luck!🙂

Good to hear you are recovered Sandraj39 I am also starting to feel better this run was better than the last 2 and before that I couldn’t even contemplate running and the week before I got Ill I had done 9.4 km. I think I’m just feeling frustrated as I have never been ill for this long and just don’t have the patience for it. I have signed up for race for life and another 10k and felt I was making decent progress. You give me hope and I will keep the faith. Fingers crossed that’s it for this year, colds and flu, best of luck too 💕👍

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