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Week 5 Post Bridge25K


Have now managed 3 runs of 5k this week in approx 35 mins. Should I consolidate for a few more weeks before I try Ju-Ju’s plan to try for 10k. I am a reasonably fit 66 year old. I also spin twice a week as well as doing Pilates once a week. The last thing I want is to injure myself trying to do to much to quickly and would welcome advice.

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Hi Trish,

35 minutes is really good going I think, so well done you, sounds like you are well on the way. What I did was to try a couple of slightly longer runs, I think I might have done a 5.5k and a 6.5k, and those went OK, so I took the plunge. If you're doing 35 minute 5ks comfortably I'd say you're well on the way to being ready.

You're quite right about not wanting to injure yourself, I've been there, better not to!! Might be worth asking JuJu for a copy of her plan, then you can either start it when the next cycle starts, or try it out for yourself, which is what I did.

All the best!

Neil :)


Well Done Trish, you’re doing very well. If you look in pinned posts, juju put her plan there about 4 weeks ago. It takes you safely to 10k. I left it over 2 months before I started it but many of my fellow grads moved on earlier. Just listen to your body and drop speed on the longer run.

Enjoy your running.


Maybe just a few more consolidation runs.

I did a few 6k runs before I even considered doing JuJu's plan, but I had been injured and wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be overdoing it.

You are getting a good pace for your 5k.

The 10k plan will mean slower for further .

I think there is another plan coming up around March ( I'm pretty sure I read that).

Ultimately it's up to you, if you feel that you are ready, you probably are😊


Really well done on your 5k. As the other replies say it is your choice as to what next. You could make a start on Ju-ju’s plan. You will notice that the 3 runs are different lengths. It is important to do the short runs as well as the long run. You can always repeat weeks to consolidate along the way.

Happy running.


I’d go for it. The first week is an easy 2.5km, a 5km and a slightly longer run, all of which it sounds like you are totally capable of doing. Head over to the bridge!

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