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Marcothon (run every day in December) day 15:


Day 15 done. 1 degree with a wind chill factor of -5. My legs and arms are like blocks of ice.

But I’ve been on an adventure. It’s sods law, mind you, that last night I could have gone leaping for miles under the frosty stars but had to do a short slow run to keep my friend company: today after a very bad night with little sleep, it was out in wind so strong it was like an unseen hand holding me back on the steep climb out of Chipping Norton.

Then, in my wisdom, and wearing road instead of trail shoes, I decided to explore unknown territory and take the right hand side of the salt way, a route I haven’t been down before. All I can say is thank goodness for dog walkers, including the one whose dog chased three horses round a field we were crossing.

So uphill and down dale, along wooded trails, across a stream, through very slippery icy mud, then back home feeling chilled to the bone but strangely exhilarated. I may be freezing and it may have been very slow because the terrain was so dicy, but it’s one of the best runs I’ve ever done. Anyway, the photos say it all.

That’s pretty much halfway.

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Exhilarating stuff Flick!

You have Great Strength both physically and mentally. I'm in awe!🙆😊xxx

Half done👌👏👏👏👏🎅....

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Truly it isn’t will power or physical strength as much as the fact that running every day takes you up a level: your body gets fitter and your stamina increases, along with your endorphin level. I hope I can remain motivated to keep running every day, with the odd rest day here and there, when the challenge ends. Also I’m mostly going very easily, doing the minimum on “rest days” and not pushing my pace at all the rest of the time xxx


Hey Flick, I’m super impressed. 😃What great photos- you have absolutely captured that bleak, hibernation beauty of mid winter. I was planning to frolic around Christmas lights later when my brunch has gone down, but you have tempted me to go earlier and trundle across the winter fields. Running every day - I’m well impressed! Maybe I might give that a go when I eventually retire. 😄

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Elfe5

Thank you. Despite being so bleak and cold, it was beautiful out there. And running every day and being part of the challenge is one of the best things I’ve ever done x


Sounds and looks absolutely fabulous 🤗 Pleased you are getting so much out of it, well done Flick! 👊🏃‍♀️🦋

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Flaraflarkin

Thank you. I’m loving it. No more procrastinating about getting out for a run. I know I’ve got to go so I just do x

FlaraflarkinGraduate10 in reply to FlickM3

Yes I love that mindset! Commit to doing something, turn it into a habit and you don't have to make a choice as to whether or not to do it. You just do 🤗 Yay!! X

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Flaraflarkin

Well, if I miss a day I’m out of the challenge!😂


Well done Flick, you are Superwoman! You are brave to tackle the muddy paths, I avoid them where possible, I'm a scared of slipping and doing myself an injury. It's going to get harder to avoid now the wet weather is coming in around here. That's wonderful you are enjoying your challenge so much, despite icy limbs! Go you! 😁🏃👍💪👏

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to MutleyShuffle

The icy mud and downhill knobbly fields bits were why it was a slow run! X

MutleyShuffleGraduate10 in reply to FlickM3

Very wise!


Amazing run Flick! How brave of you to go off exploring. I’d definitely have got lost. 😅🙄

It sounds truly amazing, yet cold. Isn’t it odd to think we were all complaining of running in the heatwave not so long ago? 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to cheekychipmunks

I DID get lost - three times, LOL, but luckily there was a handy dog walker each time to set me straight. And I LOVED the heatwave and did my fastest and longest runs then- but I’m weird. One things for sure, I need some warmer leggings, and Sturdy by Design have sold out of their warm winter ones ☹️ X


Well done you, that's fab! It's well windy out there so an extra well done for taking on the challenge now. Are you still taking Badedas baths? If so, I'm sure it was very welcome afterwards 😊

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

Thank you ❤️

I’ve run out of Badedas and am waiting to be given more at Christmas xx


Wow! A very intrepid and bleak run almost of Dickensian quality. I was waiting for Abel Magwitch to emerge from a muddy side trail!

Hope you've warmed up now and are avoiding the hideous rain. I got some nice warm lined leggings from Mountain Warehouse in the sale just before xmas last year.

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Slinkymalinki

Bleak but beautiful. The bridge over the little stream was an added bonus, somoretty, and I bet it’s gotgoeuus in spring.x


You’re halfway there now Flick! Brilliantly well done! 😃❤️

Sounds like you’re now turning into a cold weather runner after all! 😂❤️

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to mountaindreamer

Thank you - yes I’m enjoying the invigorating qualities of sub zero wind lol x


Halfway there already! You’re amazing Flick lovely description and more lovely photos, you’re doing brilliantly x

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to lexi6

Aw, thanks x


Fab FlickM3...I think I’m going to get Christmas out of the way then take a leaf out of you book and do some of this continuous’s working wonders for you and this run sounds cracking...a bit of everything keeps it interesting. You’re so strong xx

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Mummycav

Do it, it's wonderful. Body is growing more muscle and I've lost weight xx

MummycavModerator in reply to FlickM3

And you're even more awesome too!! Its a win win x

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Mummycav

Days the awesome Bev (I tried to put Bevlar and my auto correct turned it into Kevlar 😂) xx

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