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A slow, steady and careful return


After over four weeks off with a hip flexor strain this week I started a steady return to some sort of “running normality”. I completed the third of three 3k’s this week this morning and in the pouring rain 😊 Hip is just about ok but I’m taking it steady, I’m just glad to be back out there running. Despite doing stretches, lifting weights and walking for weeks nothing is quite the same as running. I’ve been feeling a deep envy every time I’ve seen another runner over the last few weeks, a sort of not being in the club type feeling. I’m not sure what the plan is for my next run, maybe just a few more 3k’s but just very happy to be back 👍😊 . . . Have a great running weekend fellow runners 😊

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I think it's only when we can't run that we really appreciate what it does for us and yes I agree, nothing else feels the same. Welcome back.

orangeguyGraduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

That's so true, you feel very left out.


So glad you are back out there and running, orangeguy. Well done on your patience and keeping up a routine of exercise. But you are right, nothing beats running once you have the bug. So hard not being able to run; I have had that runners' envy before myself! Working your way back up slowly is a good idea, and 3 x 3k runs is not to be sniffed at! Well done. x

orangeguyGraduate10 in reply to Sadie-runs

Thanks Super Sadie :) . . . yes, I was getting a bit fed up on the IC

Hi orangeguy, Just had a read through some of your past posts. What with insomnia and hip trouble to contend with, it is good to read you are making a gentle come back. Well done to you. I do hope your body responds well so that your runs can continue.


Thank you, yes I've had a few set backs since I did the 10k, fingers crossed that's it now, I hope.


So pleased that you are able to get out there running again, you do miss it 😀

orangeguyGraduate10 in reply to Agelesslass

Yes you are right . . . just been out an extra 3k run this morning. The danger now of course is doing too much too soon. Just reading your recent post, well done, you are going from strength to strength 👍:)


Pleased to hear that you're back running again - a lot of patience is required when we can't! 😀


That's so true Jonathan, I also seem to see more runners out and about when I can't run myself :)

I’m in the same boat, haven’t run for nearly 4 weeks due to bad back, then foot injury ( dislocated two toes and badly bruised foot) and then just as that was getting better my back went again. I’ve missed my running sooo much but at times have barely been able to walk!!

Luckily I drive but I’ve found myself glaring at other runners when I have passed them in the car, resenting that they could still run. My little toe is still a bit sore but I have promised myself Monday I am back out there!! Not this weekend as my daughter is home and is going for a first time mortgage and there is so much going on.

I’ve kept up my Pilates and stretching and walked when I can but it’s not the same. So annoying doubly as I’d just had to redo C25k after my ankle injury in June and was just getting to the 6-7k stage again. 😢

Never mind, as I said last time I know I CAN do it so just need to get out there and take it slowly to start with again.


I'm sure more runners go out running when I'm on the IC :) my partner now even says "Don't look left / right" when we are out in the car :) I do console myself though with the thought that although we "more mature runners" have a few issues at times we are still out there and certainly around my area us oldies are in the minority :) Take it easy and I know its easy to say but be patient, you will be back soon.

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to orangeguy

Nice to see you back orangeguy. Just take it slowly 🏃‍♂️👏👏

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