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Treadmill speed help!


I’m away with work until tomorrow night and there is a tiny gym at my hotel. So I went for my first treadmill run earlier this evening (basic treadmill apparently, so the person on it before me said) and I thought that by setting it for roughly my average Strava recorded speed I would do my 5km in about the usual time.

On the ‘flattest’ route I run (it’s not flat where I live), Strava says I normally run an average of 6.3km and around 34 mins for the 5km so I set the treadmill at a gentle 2% incline and the speed at 7km. It felt alright, not actually much faster than usual but ended up being so slow. I couldn’t work out the maths while I ran and in the end was running at 7.5km speed but wasn’t exactly sprinting.

What am I doing wrong?! I’d like to try to get another run in in the morning if I can (there’s only one treadmill so I’ll be cross if I get up early and find I can’t use it!) but don’t want to spend another 41 mins to get 5km in...

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Good on you southlundon for getting on the treadmill. I tried it once. A very sophisticated one with virtual outdoors screening and everything. Only problem was that I couldn’t work out any of the settings. Unfortunately, that means I can’t help, but just wanted to say well done!! 😍❤️

Haha thanks Fab! I didn’t fancy pounding the dark and busy streets of Sheffield tonight.

(And now I’m regularly doing 5km I’ve posted in bridge to 10 for the first time...!)

Fabulous450Graduate10 in reply to southlundon

Aah I didn’t realise it was your first post in the Bridge! Hopefully someone more experienced will be along to give some proper advice!! 😂! Great news about the regular 5k! You’re a star! 🤩❤️



Just looked at a pace converter and it says you need to run about 8.7 kph to run 5k in 34 minutes. I'd have the incline at 1.

When I run on a treadmill I usually put it at 7.5kph to start then increase the speed as I get more into it.

Good luck tomorrow x

Thank you! I didn’t know such things as a pace converter existed :) I’ve only just finished going through my work so might allow myself a lie-in in the morning given I’ve been up today since 5:15 😴 But I will def use a treadmill again if not tomorrow!

Oh I get it now! I’ve just found a pace converter online and if I take x minutes to run one km that doesn’t mean I am running at a pace of x km an hour - but I set the treadmill to x km an hour hence it being slower.

(I should say I am actually very good with maths normally but clearly common sense left me today!)

Thanks 😀

SANDI_runsGraduate10 in reply to southlundon

Yes it took me a while to get my head around. The time it takes to run 1 km is obviously different to the speed you run, which is how many km you would run in an hour.

I use the online calculators as I need them to work out my pace to get pb at park run etc. then try and stay around that pace using my tracker on my watch. All very technical!! Haha!

I should say I am actually very good with maths normally. Yes, of course you are, I believe you :p

Honest 😅


As I think you've probably realised now, Strava was actually telling you that your pace was 6.3 mins (or perhaps 6 min 30 secs) per km, not that your speed was 6.3 kph. Pace (in mins/k) = 60 / Speed (in kph).

Sleep tight, run happy :-)

Thanks Up! Hope you slept well too ☺️

I always do rule of thumb - for the magic 5KM in 30 mins you need to set it to 10kmph which will give you a 6 minute K's. Saying that, my speed on the treddy is around 8.5kmph while my outdoor pace is close to 11kmph. Most people find something of the reverse. Best not to compare the two. Just push yourself as much as you normally would on the road and listen to your body, not the numbers.

Thanks Victoria ☺️


southlundon in reply to Tasha99

That’s the one I found too - thank you! 😀

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